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IntelliMagic is official sponsor of First Chess Team of LSG

Update - April 9th, 2018: Congratulations to LSG IntelliMagic for winning the Dutch Chess Premier League! With still one round to go they are already the new national champion. Last Saturday they won the pre-final round against MUConsult Apeldoorn. They remained undefeated the whole season! IntelliMagic feels privileged to be sponsor of this excellent  team.

Earlier this year they became best sports team of the year 2017 in the city of Leiden. In 2017 they reached the 2nd place in the Dutch Chess Premier League. In the battle for the European Chess Club Cup they became 5th last year. 

Chess and software development

In chess, the best results are achieved when science, intelligence and art come together to produce something beautiful. IntelliMagic believes quality software is developed in a strikingly similar manner. 

Science is the most important ingredient. IntelliMagic employees typically have academic backgrounds in mathematics, electrical engineering, physics, computer science or other technical disciplines. As in chess, thorough subject matter expertise is the basis of everything that IntelliMagic does.

Intelligence is a crucial element for translating theory into practice. Applied intelligence is needed to visualize the future and anticipate setbacks. Identifying opportunities and risks is very important in chess and is also integral to the everyday work of IntelliMagic.

When complexity becomes increasingly large, calculations alone may be insufficient and must be supported by a more abstract art: intuition, almost indistinguishable from magic.

Sponsoring Leiden Chess Society

With all this in mind, IntelliMagic has entered into a multi-year sponsorship agreement with the Leiden Chess Society (Leidsch Schaakgenootschap or LSG). LSG is the oldest chess club in Leiden, the home town of IntelliMagic headquarters in the Netherlands. The city of Leiden has been an important haven for both science and chess for hundreds of years. Many famous chess Grandmasters were born in Leiden, and the city has always attracted numerous titled players from other countries because of its rich chess culture.

The first team of LSG is led and trained by the famous Bosnian-Dutch Grandmaster Predrag Nikolic, who has been national champion of Yugoslavia as well as the Netherlands. The team plays in the top Dutch chess league, the Master league. As a result of this sponsorship, the first team will now be playing under the name "LSG IntelliMagic".

This sponsorship will also enable LSG to attract young and talented chess players who come to Leiden to study or work. Conversely, this sponsorship enhances IntelliMagic’s reputation as an inspiring employer in the heart of Leiden - a place where intelligent University graduates may find a challenging career.

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