Key People

Global Management Team

Dr. Gilbert Houtekamer

Dr. Gilbert Houtekamer, Founder and Managing Director, is the key mind that IntelliMagic’s technology originates from. His interest in storage performance started with research he did during his Ph.D. from the Delft University of Technology in the 1980s. Together with the product management teams, Gilbert remains highly involved in the innovation of the products. He visits customers regularly to get inspiration on how IntelliMagic can expand their offerings to make customers happier and more empowered in protecting their datacenter infrastructure.

Els Das

Els Das is the other Founder and Managing Director of IntelliMagic. She holds a Master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Amsterdam. She is always looking for improvements to the operational and organizational aspects of IntelliMagic. She believes people are what matter most when creating a successful company that provides value to their customers. Sustainability, both in terms of finance and in terms of customer and employee relationships, is important to both her and Gilbert, and based on these values they have grown a thriving company purely out of profit and cash flow. 

Brent Phillips

Brent Phillips is Managing Director of IntelliMagic in the Americas.  With a history of technology entrepreneurship, he started the IntelliMagic US operations in 2005. Since then he has steadily grown the customer base and he has built a strong and inspired team of highly intelligent and motivated people in the US.  Seeing things as they really are and as they can be, instead of as what they seem to be, is a continual source of inspiration for Brent.  The natural outflow of this in his work with our IT infrastructure customers enables them to easily see the previously hidden risks of imminent unavailability incidents, as well as new and safe optimization opportunities.

Brett Allison

Brett Allison is the Director of Technical Services. Prior to joining IntelliMagic in 2010 he spent his career in various technical and leadership roles focused on infrastructure and application performance and scalability. At IntelliMagic, he leads the technical services teams in the Americas that provide pre-sales and post-sales activities and professional services, including IntelliMagic software as a service offerings and consulting.  He delights in helping our customers realize value from using IntelliMagic solutions to gain operational efficiencies and reduce risk in their infrastructures. Working with customers and development to drive innovation within the IntelliMagic solutions invigorates him. He is passionate about serving our customers and employees well and is constantly looking for ways to improve in the execution and delivery of our technical services.

Technical Key People

Lee LaFrese

Lee LaFrese joined IntelliMagic as a senior storage consultant in March, 2012. Lee has worked at IBM for more than 30 years where he was the technical lead in product development for Enterprise Disk Storage Performance in Tucson, AZ. During his career, he has written over 20 white papers and made numerous technical presentations on a wide variety of performance topics spanning both mainframe and SAN storage. Lee is one of the best-known and respected storage performance experts in the industry.

John Ticic

John Ticic joined IntelliMagic as a consultant in 2008. He started as mainframe systems programmer in 1984 and maintained, tuned, and upgraded a large number of MVS-based systems. John has extensive experience in planning and implementing large XRC and GDPS/PPRC installations. Furthermore he developed many STK/SUN VSM performance analysis tools. At IntelliMagic he is dedicated to interacting with European customers and prospects, and he helps them gain even more benefits from the IntelliMagic solutions through interactive on-site classes and consulting assignments. He also helps development designing enhancements of the products in the z/OS Disk, z/OS Tape and z/OS Systems areas.  

Joe Hyde

Joe Hyde joined IntelliMagic as a senior consultant after 32 years in high-end disk performance. He has extensive mainframe experience with I/O intensive applications, channels and IBM storage, as well as working knowledge of EMC and HDS disk storage offerings. Joe also has deep knowledge of RMF and GTF in both data reduction and analysis, and is an expert in disk storage performance design (hardware, firmware, advanced function), holding more than 20 patents in this area. With many successful worldwide customer engagements in disk I/O problem-solving and optimization, he also has 12-plus years of experience with Unix and IBM i-based applications sensitive to disk I/O performance.

Todd Havekost

Todd is the Senior z/OS Performance and Availability Consultant for IntelliMagic. His passion and primary area of interest over the course of his 38 year IT career has always been z/OS systems performance. Prior to joining IntelliMagic, Todd spent 26 years at USAA in a variety of technical and management roles including responsibility for mainframe architecture as well as leading their very successful mainframe software cost reduction project. Having been thoroughly impressed as a customer with the visibility IntelliMagic Vision provides into z/OS performance, he joined our team and now leads IntelliMagic’s efforts to accelerate the reduction of Monthly License Charges for customers of IntelliMagic Vision.

Paulus Usong

Paulus Usong joined IntelliMagic as a consultant after working for IBM for over 30 years. Usong comes to IntelliMagic as a long time user of RMF Magic for the IBM Advanced Technical Support (ATS) team focused on the Americas region. Usong’s background at IBM includes providing post-sales and pre-sales technical support for z/OS customers as well as performing specialized studies such as zHPF analysis.  Additionally, Usong co-authored Redbooks on the topic of DS8000 Performance and Tuning and Easy Tier.