Mission and Values


Our goal is to let customers reduce availability risk and increase service levels to the applications, while at the same time decreasing the cost level. IntelliMagic uncovers hidden infrastructure availability risks by applying platform-specific knowledge to performance measurement data. We believe time should be spent on preventing issues instead of on fire-fighting, and that hardware configurations do not need to be oversized in order to assure continuous availability. 

Performance analysis and capacity planning for enterprise storage and infrastructure is based on vast quantities of data. IntelliMagic’s products perform the entire path of collecting and filtering raw measurement data, intelligently analyzing to reveal the hidden meaning of the metrics, and presenting the results in daily dashboards and detailed graphs. This allows users to spend their time preventing problems rather than fighting fires.

Our advanced algorithms supply deep knowledge to the user, without requiring them to become an expert themselves in the mathematics of performance management and modeling. 


IntelliMagic takes pride in providing the industry’s most advanced and reliable software and services for enterprise storage and infrastructure performance analysis and availability assurance.

IntelliMagic products use intelligent data interpretation in combination with an effective, flexible and intuitive user interface. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction, so responsiveness to customer questions and a customer-first mentality are very important to us.

The reliability of our products also means that our products create the best possible answers to size storage configurations, even when only limited information is available. Expertise, technological agility, and mathematical precision are the qualities we pursue in our company and products.

We strive towards long-term relationships with our employees, customers, and suppliers.