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Special Offer: zERT Operation Analysis with IntelliMagic Vision for TCP/IP

How much of the network traffic from your mainframe to the outside world via TCP/IP is encrypted and in compliance with your security policies? What has changed since the last time you audited it, and where is the traffic coming from?

IBM created zERT to provide the data to answer these kinds of questions. It is a new IBM TCP/IP feature designed to provide full visibility into all the traffic from the mainframe TCP/IP stack, whether it leaves the mainframe or not. The zERT feature captures the encryption settings used, if any, for every session managed by the TCP/IP address space.

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS TCP/IP provides interactive navigation through this data and the best analysis and reporting features available.

During the fourth quarter of 2019, IntelliMagic is offering a very attractive offer to get six months of online access to your TCP/IP and zERT data for infrastructure operation analysis.

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Processor Utilization for Cryptographic Coprocessor

Processor Utilization for Cryptographic Coprocessor