Availability Intelligence for your Application Infrastructure

Availability is critical for your business applications. Yet, the systems and storage infrastructure that your applications depend on are still causing expensive service disruptions. IntelliMagic's intelligent IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) software unlocks the full potential of existing infrastructure performance data to prevent these outages by automatically applying embedded expert knowledge. This modernized, intelligent interpretation detects risks before issues impact production, uncovers true root causes, and identifies optimization opportunities. Ultimately this enables IT staff to deliver a higher level of application service reliability at optimal cost.

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z/OS Environments



z/OS offers a richer set of measurement data than any other platform. Applying deep z/OS specific expert knowledge to this data can turn unpredictable incidents into predictable ones. This adds an extra layer of protection to the availability of your z/OS infrastructure.

SAN Environments



Sometimes your SAN storage and fabric may seem like a 'black box'. It does not have to be this way. When intelligence is applied to the performance metrics that your storage arrays provide, you can expose the inner workings of your SAN and prevent incidents.

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