IntelliMagic Vision for SAN provides end-to-end visibility required to manage fabric performance. Our built-in intelligence automatically identifies common SAN issues such as buffer credit issues, malformed packets, performance over subscription, single path analysis, and zoning configuration issues. IntelliMagic Vision enables you to quickly diagnose these threats to the availability of your SAN infrastructure. This way you can make well-founded decisions.

When applied to your VMware, storage and fabric (Brocade and Cisco), you can expose the inner workings of your SAN fabric and prevent incidents. You will be able  to answer questions such as:

  • What do the SAN fabric metrics mean?
  • What are the key SAN fabric metrics and what thresholds should I set?
  • Do I have any slow drain storage or host devices?
  • Do I have any ISLs with buffer credit issues?
  • Are there any hosts with only single fabric paths?
  • Who are the heavy hitters in my SAN fabric?
  • Is multi-pathing working correctly on my VMware ESX Hosts?

This enables you to safely get the most value out of your SAN infrastructure.

Instant Assessment of Health and Risks

IntelliMagic Vision dashboards show all storage switch exceptions in one ‘single pane of glass’. Each exception can be described as a ‘Key Risk Indicator’. Color coding of the KRIs provides an indication of the level of risk or problem severity for the infrastructure. The analytics engine rates and correlates metrics to the specific hardware capabilities in order to minimize false positives.

IntelliMagic Vision for SAN - Fabric Error Dashboard

Performance Health

IntelliMagic Vision provides a list of the heavy hitting ports and you can easily drill down to see the connected storage or host ports. IntelliMagic Vision also provides views of the performance of all the switches in an environment while maintaining the integrity of the roll-ups by surfacing problems. Those switches identified with the highest rating have issues at the port level. The user is guided to the port type for a selected switch and from there to a switch port that has a problem. The entire process takes only a few clicks and the rating is an easy to follow guide.

End-to-end Topology

Our end-to-end topology reports fabric connectivity from the VMware guest all the way through to the back-end storage volume. At each point along the way, it is possible to drill down and diagnose root causes. The visualization allows you to identify single path issues as well as imbalances in the connectivity.

Screenshot of topology viewer showing all possible communication between a Volume and a Virtual Machine.

Screenshot of topology viewer showing all possible communication between a Volume and a Virtual Machine.

Zoning Issues

In some cases, hosts cannot reach intended storage target ports, because zones are configured incorrectly. IntelliMagic automatically detects these cases as shown in the following picture:

Screenshot of a masking view from IntelliMagic Vision

Balance Charts

The IntelliMagic Vision balance charts show at a glance where resources need to be re-allocated to achieve maximum performance and the most efficient utilization of hardware resources. In this balance chart example, the throughput is imbalanced across the storage ports. This can also happen on physical hosts. We show these for VMware ESX hosts so you can validate that host multi-pathing is working correctly. In either case it can be helpful in proactively making zoning decisions, adjusting multi-pathing settings or in rebalancing workloads to avoid purchasing additional hardware.

IntelliMagic Vision for SAN - Balance Chart

Balance chart: ESX Host Throughput Balance

Historical Trending

Performance and capacity metrics are kept at a detail level, and a daily level to allow for detailed performance analysis or long term trending. The customer can decide how long to keep detailed metrics. The product contains specialized performance trend reports. With these you can track switch and switch port activity over the long term allowing you to assess trends of port utilizations, throughput and port usage.

Technical Information on IntelliMagic Vision for SAN

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