IntelliMagic Vision uses SMI-S and native CLI commands to get the raw performance counters directly from the IBM SVCs or Storwize Systems, as well as directly from the underlying storage arrays – also if the arrays are from other vendors like EMC, HPE or HDS.

It then intelligently interprets and combines the metrics and configuration data coming from the SVC with the data coming from the storage arrays themselves, in order to provide full end to end reporting that other products do not offer. The entire virtual-to-physical path is uncovered, fully opening up the ‘black box’ that a highly virtualized environment seems to be when you do not have the right visibility.

The combined metrics are then rated to show anomalies, potential overloads, configuration errors etcetera, using embedded specific expert knowledge on all the components of the storage area network. This shows the level of risk and provides an early warning for upcoming problems that have not yet impacted production. Seeing, and being able to resolve those risks before they impact service levels saves downtime for your users and uncountable hours spent fire-fighting. When incidents occur that could not have been predicted, the excellent drill-down capabilities of IntelliMagic Vision help determine root causes in only a fraction of the time that you would otherwise spend.

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