IntelliMagic Vision provides industry-leading visibility and expertise to both analyze and proactively assess performance across your disk storage infrastructure. It can help you ensure your business-critical replication infrastructure remains responsive when encountering spikes in data volumes. And IntelliMagic Vision provides the insights needed to effectively manage your virtual tape environment.

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Disk Overview

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Virtual Tape

From Data to Intelligence

Consistent access to enterprise data is highly important for any large company. Through RMF, z/OS offers extensive performance measurements of the entire disk and tape environment, but this data cannot be interpreted without the right intelligence.

IntelliMagic Vision enhances the RMF data and applies its built-in knowledge about workloads and disk and tape storage system architectures, which have been developed over the course of decades. This results in an early warning system that automatically identifies I/O issues in the making. This way, time can be spent on strategic performance management instead of on fire-fighting efforts.

The risk indicators in the dashboards allow you to prevent service disruptions from happening because it unveils what is happening inside the systems, even before applications suffer.

Furthermore, the root causes of storage issues can be investigated very easily by using the drill-down options. When you are alerted to a yellow or red-rated dashboard or chart, you can find the cause of the problem, and learn what you can do about it. IntelliMagic Vision will show you the ‘heavy hitters’ and provide guidance towards a solution.

Use Cases

Asynchronous Copy Services

Sizing and analysis capabilities for the Asynchronous copy services

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Map Logical to Physical

Get full transparency to physical resources supporting the logical entities, such that root causes are easily found.

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Parallel Access Volumes (PAV)

Get recommendations for both HyperPAV and Dynamic PAV configurations.

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Oracle StorageTek VSM

Proactively Manage Oracle VSM Virtual and Physical Tape Environments

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IBM TS7700

Proactively Manage IBM TS7700 Virtual and Physical Tape Environments

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Other Parts of the z/OS Environment Supported

Systems, Processors, and Network

Continual visibility into how the z/OS systems infrastructure is handling your workloads helps you improve performance and protect availability.
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Db2, CICS, WebSphere, TCP/IP & MQ

Unprecedented visibility into the extensive metrics provided by critical z/OS subsystems to enhance availability and analyze performance.
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