IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Db2, CICS, WebSphere, TCP/IP & MQ

    IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS enables you to derive great value from the large quantities of measurement data provided by these critical subsystems. It provides you with an intuitive GUI to dynamically navigate through the data. IntelliMagic Vision also harnesses the power of the computer to automatically assess dozens of key metrics for each subsystem, Db2, CICS, WebSphere, TCP/IP & MQ, to proactively identify potential risks to availability.


    See Buffer Pool imbalances and proactively identify upcoming risks to your Db2 health and performance

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    Save time looking for problems, profile CICS transaction data and monitor transaction response time

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    Monitor the performance and resource usage of WebSphere transactions

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    Monitor the health of your TCP/IP and analyze traffic from different perspectives.

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    Proactively and automatically manage MQ performance.

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    View your z/OS data from the application perspective

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    Other Parts of the z/OS Environment Supported

    Systems, Processors & MLC

    Continual visibility into how the z/OS systems infrastructure is handling your workloads helps you improve performance and protect availability.
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    Disk and Replication

    Early warning system that automatically identifies I/O issues in the making in your disk storage system and replication architecture.
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    Virtual Tape

    Performance and availability management for Virtual and Physical Tape, with specific support for IBM TS7700 and Oracle VSM tape solutions.
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