IntelliMagic Vision for CICS enables performance analysts to more effectively and efficiently manage and optimize their z/OS CICS transactions. With this solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Profile CICS transaction data and see transaction response time
  • Save time with quick access to interactive reports by transaction/CICS region
  • Get access to CICS raw data to filter, compare, and find problems


Intelligent CICS Performance Profiling and Analysis

IntelliMagic Vision for CICS & Db2 automatically generates GUI-based, interactive reports, with access to the rich set of metrics available in the SMF 110 CICS Monitoring Facility transaction records. Context sensitive drilldowns allows performance analysts to manage and optimize their z/OS CICS environment.  Access to historical data and comparisons, global filtering, and intuitive dashboards saves time looking for issues and quickly understanding what the data means.

Key Features

Interactive Data Navigation

Accelerate performance analysis through intuitive, context-sensitive drilldowns, including into CICS response time components

Workload Analysis

View CICS workload activity from multiple perspectives including transaction, region, and web services

Global Filtering

Streamline navigation and problem resolution by filtering reports and variables based on dozens of criteria and applying changes globally to all reporting

Historical Reporting and Analysis

Get historical context of workloads and metrics by comparing dashboards with any previous time interval; easily display monthly trends

Customizable Reports

Easily customize charts, combine variables to analyze correlations, code-free to quickly access and visualize relevant data for your needs

Flexible Report Sharing & Exporting

Easily and safely share reports with colleagues and management to highlight issues, accelerate resolutions, or export reports or data

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