IBM’s Monthly License Charge (MLC) expenses are driven by the monthly peak 4HRA. Managing those peaks and having insights into the CPU consumption during those 4HRA intervals is critical to managing and reducing MLC costs.

IntelliMagic Vision provides visibility into peak Rolling 4 Hour Average data far beyond what is provided by IBM’s Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) to enable you to reduce MLC expense. View the following video for an example of that visibility.

Instant Visibility, Drilldowns, and Usage Data

IntelliMagic Vision provides visibility into peak and top 20 4 hour rolling average (4HRA) values by product by billing month for both CMP and CEC-based environments, with direct drilldowns into CPU consumption during those peak intervals. The integration here of Usage (SMF 89) and address space (SMF 30) data shows which address spaces are registering which products, and has several significant use cases.

Examples of Peak 4HRA Drill-downs in IntelliMagic Vision

Unmatched Reporting and Integration Capabilities

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Systems provides unparalleled visibility into z/OS environments, checking the thousands of elements in your infrastructure to identify hidden availability risks, and providing highly flexible drilldown capabilities freeing you up from time-consuming report generation and enabling you to focus your efforts on high-value analysis. Providing insights to enable you to effectively manage and reduce your MLC costs is just one benefit of our overall z/OS performance management solution.

Request a no-obligation MLC reduction assessment

IntelliMagic is offering a free assessment to identify MLC reduction opportunities in your mainframe environment.

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