Jerry Street - 9 December 2014

With the holiday season upon us, I occasionally think of what might be waiting for me to unwrap. Will it be another gift card? I hope not. Gift cards are someone’s way of saying, “I appreciate you so much that you should get your own present.” There are many things that I would enjoy getting as a present, but the one thing that would actually make my life better would be a couple of extra hours in my day. I need more time! Unfortunately, I can’t get the earth to slow down and make a full revolution in 26 hours instead of 24. So I need tools to save me time within the 24 hours that I’m scripted to have.

As IT Performance professionals, we are continually asked to do more.  Systems grow more complex, analyses need to be delivered faster, and dollars have to be spent more wisely than ever. When professional life demands require more time, you can either give up your personal time or let the quality of your work suffer. I don’t want to do either of those things so I would choose to do my job both faster and better. A tool that helps me accomplish both goals is IntelliMagic Vision.

IntelliMagic Vision can give you the gift of time by providing the following:

  • Automatic database population early each day, before I power up my PC in the morning. No more running jobs when I sit down at my desk.
  • Automatic email alerts when certain metrics exceeds acceptable limits. I can check my email from my smartphone while standing in line at the coffee shop.
  • Intelligent Dashboards to proactively display areas of concern.  These are viewable from a client on my laptop or through any browser.  I can sit down while drinking my coffee and view infrastructure availability from my tablet.
  • Automatic creation of all the reports and charts that I need to review and present to others in my organization. Now I can spend my time analyzing, instead of customizing charts to look nice.
  • Hundreds of charts at my fingertips.  These have already been analyzed by IntelliMagic Vision to highlight performance issues and availability risks. If I need to dig further, time to resolution is often reduced by hours by using the built-in intelligent drill downs.
  • Extremely easy export capability.  If I find charts that I want to share, I can immediately export to a PDF, slide deck, HTML, etc. The export capability, again, saves me a lot of time.

What tasks do you perform every day that you feel take up too much time?  In a prior job, every morning I had to create a daily report with performance charts for the previous 24 hours, which took a good chunk of my day.  With IntelliMagic Vision, I would have had all of it automated before I finished my morning coffee.  Do you have examples that you wonder if IntelliMagic Vision could assist you with?  I would love to talk with you and show you the ways IntelliMagic Vision could help you. Think of IntelliMagic Vision as a gift card loaded with time, and the balance increases the more you use it.



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