Brett Allison - 27 March 2017

You may have seen this article published by Forbes, stating that Storage Resource Management (SRM) is the “Next as-a-Service.” The benefits cited include the simplicity and visibility provided by as-a-service dashboards and the increasing sophistication through predictive analytics.

IntelliMagic Vision is used as-a-Service for some of the world’s largest companies, and has been since 2013. Although we do much more than your standard SRM by embedding deep expert knowledge into our software, SRM, SPM, and ITOA all fall under our umbrella of capabilities. So, while we couldn’t agree more with the benefits of as-a-service offerings for SRM software, the word “Next” in the article seems less applicable. We might even say: “We’ve been doing that for years!”

Software as a Service

IntelliMagic Software as a Service (or Cloud Delivery)


Benefits of Software-as-a-Service

Software-as-a-Service provides great benefits, and therefore we decided many years ago that we needed to create an as-a-Service offering for our software which contains the same full range of capabilities that is available in the on-premise version. This as-a-Service version provides our customers with the quickest and lowest-risk way to obtain the benefits of IntelliMagic’s­ unique solution. The benefits of using Software as-a-Service include:

  • Speed of Implementation
  • Low-Risk Commitment
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Immediate Availability of New Features
  • Full Access to World-Class Experts

Speed of Implementation

Setting up is very easy. In just hours after installation, IntelliMagic Vision provides users with deep visibility into the risks within their storage and server infrastructure. For mainframe sites, there are no servers or databases to provision and configure – the process simply ties into your regular SMF data collection processes. SAN sites first install a local data collector to gather the measurement data. Just like that, you have access to the full capabilities of the software, which has shown to even identify potential risks immediately upon installation.

Low-Risk Commitment

Our as-a-Service offerings are available on a month-to-month basis, so your team is not forced into making a long-term capital expense. And if a company decides after a while they want to move towards in-house software, we offer seamless migration to an on-premise setup.

Ease of Maintenance

IntelliMagic experts configure and customize the software, automate the daily processing and set up the automatic creation of customized dashboards and reports according to your requirements. In this way, you reap the benefits without having to deal with any of the logistics.

Immediate Availability of New Features

In a complex organization, it can often take a long time before a new version of a software product is installed. IntelliMagic’s Software as-a-Service is updated as soon as a new release is available that incorporates additional intelligence and new reporting features. The result is that users immediately benefit from the most current version of IntelliMagic software.

Full Access to World-Class Experts

IntelliMagic employs some of the world’s deepest and most experienced infrastructure performance experts. Their knowledge adds even more value to our as-a-Service offering. We are available for regular proactive infrastructure risk reviews, ad-hoc problem investigations, and special projects such as evaluating a proposal from your storage vendor using IntelliMagic Direction. These additional services may be performed ad hoc or on a monthly or quarterly schedule, based on your wishes.

IntelliMagic discovered the advantages of Software-as-a-Service many years ago, and our customers have enjoyed the benefits ever since. So while many storage vendors may soon be trying to catch the curve, IntelliMagic continues to lead the industry.

Schedule a personalized demo to see how our Software as-a-Service can benefit your organization. Alternatively, feel free to find out more about IntelliMagic Vision, by contacting us.



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