Typical processes for assessing and examining the health of your Db2 environment includes manually exporting data, generating static reports, and eyeballing massive amounts of data. This is largely an inefficient way to manage an important part of your z/OS environment.

This video introduces the Db2 ratings and dashboards provided by IntelliMagic Vision for Db2 that leverage the SMF 100 Db2 Statistics records to automatically check the elements of your Db2 infrastructure to identify potential risks to availability before they generate outages.

Metrics rated in the Buffer Pool Health and Lock and Latch dashboards are examined in more detail, including examples of the visibility provided by context-sensitive drilldowns into that data.

These elements are automatically analyzed, correlated, normalized, rated, and populated in interactive, GUI-based dashboards to alert you to potential risks and the overall health of your Db2 environment. And for areas that may require your attention, intuitive drilldowns and features enable effective analysis.



IBM Technical University, Hollywood 2018 IntelliMagic Sessions

A recap of IBM TechU Hollywood, 2018 with links to all of the presentations and sessions we hosted.

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CICS & Db2 Performance Analytics Based on SMF Data

This webinar demonstrates the benefits of modernizing how you understand and leverage the SMF data for CICS and Db2 Performance analysis.

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Managing Db2 Statistics Performance

This video introduces the reporting provided by IntelliMagic Vision for Db2 for the data found in the SMF 100 Db2 Statistics records

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Supported Areas in IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Systems

Monthly License Charges (MLC)

Tune your processor configuration to increase the MIPS you get out of your mainframe hardware.

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Coupling Facility

Configure Coupling Facilities for optimal availability and proactively identify hidden health and performance risks

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See Buffer Pool imbalances and proactively identify upcoming risks to your Db2 health and performance

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CICS Transactions

Save time looking for problems and profile CICS transaction data and see transaction response time

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zEDC Cards

Ensure sufficient capacity and consistent performance for IBM zEDC availability.

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Monitor the health of your TCP/IP and analyze traffic from different perspectives.

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Other Supported Environments

z/OS Disk and Replication

Early warning system that automatically identifies I/O issues in the making in your disk storage system and replication architecture.
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z/OS Virtual Tape

Performance and availability management for Virtual and Physical Tape, with specific support for IBM TS7700 and Oracle VSM tape solutions.
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SAN Storage and Fabric

IntelliMagic Vision collects performance and configuration information on the VMware, fabric and storage systems to provide a complete and end-to-end picture.
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