How do you know if your 3PAR’s Adaptive Optimization (AO) is optimized? In this short case study, we demonstrate how you can optimize your HPE 3PAR system. In this case we will look at how the workload is distributed on the back-end drives and how that relates to the Adaptive Optimization Policies.

In just a couple screens we are able to visually demonstrate that the AO policies are not distributing this workload in an optimal manner and are able to see what happens when we tweak the AO policy to optimize the system.



Achieving Balance in HPE 3PAR Environments

This white paper takes you through an HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization Case Study to demonstrate how the AO functions so that you can optimize your HPE 3PAR environment.


Availability Intelligence for End-to-End SAN Performance & Capacity

Transform unpredictable outages into predictable ones by creating Availability Intelligence from the storage performance and configuration data.

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Do I Have Enough HP?

It is important to know if your actual solution has enough resources to get the job done. In this case, the job is your workload. In this context, HP could either mean, “Horsepower” or “Hewlett Packard.”

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