Often times the Network Operations Center (NOC) has different needs than the storage administrator or the end-users. IntelliMagic Vision has the ability to customize dashboards so that NOC analysts can see the entire SAN infrastructure health in a single view.


NOC dashboards allow users to customize their dashboard views to visualize their entire multi-vendor distributed storage system infrastructure health in a single view. In this video, IntelliMagic’s Director of Technical Services demonstrates a NOC that he created as an example. The charts shown are:

  • EMC VMAX Family Disk Storage System Overall Health Dashboard (indicated some serious issues)
  • Front-End Director Dashboard (indicating upcoming problems)
  • SRDF/A Dashboard (indicating no problems or upcoming problems)
  • EMC VNX Family Disk Storage System Overall Health Dashboard (indicated some serious issues)
  • DSS Free Capacity Dashboard
  • Tier Free Capacity Dashboard

By drilling down from any of the dashboards shown in the NOC, you are taken to the full view of that dashboard where you can continue drilling down until you uncover the root cause. IntelliMagic Vision’s extensive drilldown capabilities make it incredibly easy to go from your NOC, down to the problem area in just a few clicks.

The rated charts and metrics guide the user to the problem area, while indicating which areas are at risk.



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