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The Db2 SMF data is a rich and voluminous source of metrics about the operation of Db2. But the size and complexity mean it is also difficult to know when the metrics start to get into conditions that represent problems, risk and best-practice violations.

Fortunately, new algorithms are now available to continuously assess and rate the most important issues against Db2 expert knowledge to augment the human teams. This enables predictive and prescriptive analysis of the data, as well as intelligent navigation through the data with flexible views to significantly decrease the amount of time needed to zero in on the desired subset of the data to be analyzed.

This webinar will cover the design for this new type of approach to data analysis as well as a demonstration of:

  • Automated Db2 health assessment and identification of the most important issues
  • Intuitive navigation through the Db2 metrics for understanding issues
  • Flexible ways to analyze and view current and historical data for trends and anomalies



2020 Vision into z/OS Infrastructure Operation and Availability

More than ever before there is a need to see faster, farther, and deeper into the operation and performance of z/OS infrastructure areas. View this webinar to learn how.

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Supported Areas in IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Systems

Monthly License Charges (MLC)

Tune your processor configuration to increase the MIPS you get out of your mainframe hardware.

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Coupling Facility

Configure Coupling Facilities for optimal availability and proactively identify hidden health and performance risks

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See Buffer Pool imbalances and proactively identify upcoming risks to your Db2 health and performance

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CICS Transactions

Save time looking for problems and profile CICS transaction data and see transaction response time

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zEDC Cards

Ensure sufficient capacity and consistent performance for IBM zEDC availability.

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Monitor the health of your TCP/IP and analyze traffic from different perspectives.

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Other Supported Environments

z/OS Disk and Replication

Early warning system that automatically identifies I/O issues in the making in your disk storage system and replication architecture.
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z/OS Virtual Tape

Performance and availability management for Virtual and Physical Tape, with specific support for IBM TS7700 and Oracle VSM tape solutions.
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SAN Storage and Fabric

IntelliMagic Vision collects performance and configuration information on the VMware, fabric and storage systems to provide a complete and end-to-end picture.
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