One of the trickier problems facing storage administrators is managing asynchronous replication such as IBM Global Mirror. With asynchronous replication, the disaster recovery site is by nature somewhat behind the primary. This is acceptable but if things fall too far behind, the mirror could be suspended which may be considered an outage.

This video will show you how you can assess the status of Global Mirror replication in a Globally Disbursed Parallel Sysplex environment. Data about the Global Mirror sessions is recorded in SMF type 105 records. By observing patterns and using drill downs, the root cause (Global Mirror RPO Issues) was identified and could be resolved.



What’s New with IBM DS8900F?

Release 9.1 for the DS8900F storage array contains numerous product improvements that should be interesting and useful to any shop that has DS8900F installed or is considering it.

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Customer Experience

Colruyt Group IT opts for interactive mainframe analysis with IntelliMagic's expert knowledge

Colruyt Group IT needed out of the box reporting with built-in knowledge in the field of performance and capacity.

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Understanding How Logical Workloads Behave On Physical Hardware

If you find elevated response time on a logical volume, how do you know which physical drives may be causing it?

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