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Disaster Recovery requirements are getting stricter, and mirroring virtual tape is not easy.

This webinar discusses the best practices for managing your replicated tape environment, with particular focus on IBM TS7700 and Oracle VSM environments, so you can properly monitor the performance of your z/OS Tape infrastructure and prevent performance problems before they occur.

This webinar will help you:

  • Understand peak replicated works
  • Ensure you have enough bandwidth between (end of batch and online)
  • Understand differences in how you manage this between Oracle and IBM
  • Understand the measurement between Oracle and IBM (Deferred Queue Age) Oracle (Exposure Time)
  • Understand inbound and outbound data rate

IBM TS7700 Performance Areas:

  • IBM Health Checks Top Things to Look at
  • Replication (Time delayed deferred copy, deferred copy, synchronous)
  • Stuck Tapes
  • Dormant Cluster (queues grow and no workload is getting done)
  • Throughput (Important to know what the desired workload is matching required ports/channels) – make sure hardware matches workload requirements
  • Host Write and Copy Throttle
  • RPO – How old is the tape?

Oracle VSM Performance Areas:

  • Oracle Health Check Top Things to Look at
  • Replication types (Synch and Asynch)
  • Interfaces for Hardware
  • Network problems and mis-configurations
  • RPO



TS7700 Synchronous Mode Copy Benefits

Compared to a reduced RPO, a lesser-known benefit to using Synchronous Mode is a more efficient cache flow and therefore a more efficient utilization of the disk cache.

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How to Make the Best of IBM’s TS7700 Virtual Tape Solution | IntelliMagic zAcademy

Watch this webinar if you’ve ever experienced frustrating performance issues or just want to ensure your TS7700 environment is optimized per best practices.

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Tune your TS7700 Cache Capacity | IntelliMagic zAcademy

You have multiple functions and parameters at your disposal to define which logical volumes will remain in the TS7700 cache, regardless if you use a TS7700 Disk-Only or a TS7700 with Tape attach. This session gives you detailed information about the different options.

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Supported Areas in IntelliMagic Vision

Oracle VSM

Collects the SMF z/OS and SMF Oracle VSM data and correlates it into a complete picture of VSM tape activity.

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IBM TS7700

Proactively identify risks in your TS7700 tape environment, and highlight potential issues even before they have fully developed.

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Coupling Facility

Configure Coupling Facilities for optimal availability and proactively identify hidden health and performance risks.

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Monthly License Charges (MLC)

Tune your processor configuration to increase the MIPS you get out of your mainframe hardware.

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See Buffer Pool imbalances and proactively identify upcoming risks to your Db2 health and performance.

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CICS Transactions

Save time looking for problems and profile CICS transaction data and see transaction response time.

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Other Supported Environments

z/OS Disk and Replication

Early warning system that automatically identifies I/O issues in the making in your disk storage system and replication architecture.
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z/OS Systems, Processors, and Network

Continual visibility into how the z/OS systems infrastructure is handling your workloads helps you improve performance and protect availability.
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SAN Storage and Fabric

IntelliMagic Vision collects performance and configuration information on the VMware, fabric and storage systems to provide a complete and end-to-end picture.
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