WebSphere Application Server is mission critical for many businesses today. However, for many mainframe performance/capacity specialists, these workloads can be a bit of a mystery – a black box of resource consumption that is hard to get your arms around.

There are many areas of WebSphere that can leave even a seasoned z/OS performance specialist scratching their head. Knowing what you want to see and where to look is one hurdle to overcome, but even then, how do you access that data? And more importantly, how do you visualize it in a way that makes sense? This webinar will help you:

  • Gain a better understanding of your WebSphere workload through SMF data
  • Quickly see transaction rates, CPU/zIIP utilization and response times
  • Spot trends, patterns and unusual conditions

Join us to learn how you can shine a light into this otherwise black box!

Getting to Know Your WebSphere for z/OS Workload



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