Understanding your TS7700 environment is crucial to ensuring you get the most optimal performance out of it. As a follow-up to last year’s zAcademy virtual session on Cache Capacity, this Virtual Tape webinar will focus on Cache Bandwidth.

This webinar will help you better understand:

  • What controls and features can be used to get the most out of your TS7700 environment
  • Which areas and metrics you should be regularly monitoring
  • Best practices for optimizing your TS7700 environment
  • What to do if your TS7700 is attached to a physical tape library

If you’ve ever experienced frustrating performance issues on your TS7700 or just want to ensure your environment is optimized per best practices, join us to learn how to make the best of IBM’s Virtual Tape solution.

How to Make the Best of IBM’s TS7700 Virtual Tape Solution



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