IntelliMagic Direction for SAN Benefits

IntelliMagic Direction for SAN Benefits

IntelliMagic Direction is designed to address storage challenges associated with performance planning such as hardware planning, migrations, predictive performance, and copy services.

Hardware Purchase Planning

For most organizations budgets are tight and there is more pressure than ever on storage management to contain the spiraling storage growth within a steady or decreasing budget. Compounding this challenge, enterprise disk storage becomes increasingly complex every year as more and more options that influence performance and throughput emerge. When it comes to storage configurations, IntelliMagic Direction gives you the power to determine the best configuration for your workload so you can purchase with confidence.

Migration Planning

During large storage migration projects project managers and architects struggle to ensure that required activities such as server preparation, data migration and capacity planning are completed on time and on budget. Performance planning and performance management are those kind of activities that are often forgotten until there is a crisis. One of the primary reasons for this reality is the lack of tools for predicting and planning performance impacts. IntelliMagic Direction addresses this challenge by providing a way to model existing workloads and combine new workloads on any major hardware platform. Take the guesswork out of the migrations and use IntelliMagic Direction to help you avoid running out of performance capacity.

Predict Performance

Do you ever wish there was a way to see into the future?  If your job requires you to maintain peak performance from your systems it sure would be nice to predict when your current storage environment will run out of steam.  With IntelliMagic Direction you can create as many future scenarios as you want to try to better understand how future workload changes or hardware changes will impact your storage environment.  IntelliMagic Direction can provide a long term predictive view of your storage environment's growth and behavior.

Copy Services Planning

IntelliMagic Direction models copy services allowing you to see the impact on response times and storage component utilizations.