Sample Results

Sample Results

With IntelliMagic Direction you can easily assess the impact of workload or hardware changes and quickly generate dozens of charts for presentation of findings to management or technical audiences. The following samples represent just a few of the options available within IntelliMagic Direction:

Evaluate Impact of Changing Disk Capacity

IntelliMagic Direction provides insight into any number of hardware changes providing you the ability to determine the right configuration for your workload and budget. In the following example IntelliMagic Direction demonstrates the impact to service time when the individual capacity of the drives is changed from 450 GB to 300 GB while keeping the net capacity the same. In essence the number of spindles is reduced placing more load on a few number of drives. In the example below a Managed Disk Group (MDG) from SAN Volume Controller composed of 450 GB drives on a DS8700 becomes saturated at 34,856 I/Os per second.

Component Utilization

IntelliMagic Direction not only provides response time predictions, but it also shows the utilization of key internal components of the disk system, such as the internal processor, bus, and host adapters. This way you can determine which parts of your disk system are most heavily used. This information is very helpful when consolidating workloads or when hunting down performance problems.