Supported Data Sources

Supported Data Sources

Data Source

IntelliMagic Vision 

The best and most complete source of data for IntelliMagic Direction is the input that IntelliMagic Vision creates automatically. This contains all the relevant workload performance measurements as well as the configuration data of the current storage systems. 


IntelliMagic Direction supports automated performance data input for AIX, LINUX, SUN and HP/UX based on iostat text reports. If you use iostat, there is a limited level of detail and configuration data would need to be manually added.


Windows performance data can be used by using Windows perfmon reports. If you use perfmon, configuration data would need to be manually added.

IBM i (i/OS)

IBM i/OS support in IntelliMagic Direction supports input based on reports produced by the IBM i Performance Tools. Configuration data will need to be manually added.

For i/OS, IntelliMagic Direction shows workload and performance characteristics for each ASP individually.  This also allows you predict what would happen if you moved certain ASPs to another tier, or even to a different Disk Storage System, while retaining the others at their current storage.

IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity CenterIntelliMagic Direction supports automated input for TPC performance data through import of the following TPC for Disk reports:
  • Storage Subsystem Performance reports for Disk Subsystems
  • Storage Subsystem reports for SAN Volume Controllers
  • Volume Performance reports for Disk Subsystems
  • Volume to Backend Volume Assignment reports
esxtop outputVMware statistics can be logged by the tools esxtop and/or resxtop. These include statistics that reflect disk I/O activity and performance, as well as a lot of others. These statistics (esxtop reports) can be automatically processed by IntelliMagic Direction, provided they were generated following the instructions.