VMware and IntelliMagic

IntelliMagic's breakthrough integration of VMware performance and configuration data changes the game for SAN administrators.

End-to-end picture of the performance and configuration 

Most solutions are either really strong on VMware support, Fabric support, or Storage support. IntelliMagic is different. IntelliMagic collects performance and configuration information on the VMware, fabric and storage systems to provide a complete and end-to-end picture. On top of that, IntelliMagic provides integrated topology visualization and automatically correlates and embeds the configuration relationships in the user interface.

What this means for the user

For the first time there is a solution where you can identify a VM that is struggling, automatically drill down to the datastores, see the related LUNs, and visualize the LUN performance in just a couple of mouse clicks. You can also visualize the entire infrastructure from the VMware guest through the ESX Host, to the connected fabric ports, see the related switch ports for the storage system and see the associated LUNs in a single view. This allows you to:

  • Quickly identify root cause of storage performance issues,
  • Identify zoning irregularities and
  • Uncover hidden bottlenecks in seconds as opposed to hours.

IntelliMagic Vision has always been about providing new levels of visibility to help uncover hidden risks in your infrastructure and our VMware support and topology visualization continues this tradition!

Example of the VMware Topology Viewer in IntelliMagic Vision showing the Volume to Virtual Machine Path.





End-to-End Visibility for VMware and SAN Fabric 

In this 4-minute video you will see how IntelliMagic Vision can show you the VMware server to the back-end storage volume as well as related switch ports.



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