Put the information that IT staff need to achieve their mission of providing reliable access to the enterprise data at their fingertips. By automatically analyzing all the data using embedded expert knowledge, issues are predicted before they disrupt service, such that staff can move from fire-fighting mode to pro-active management.

IntelliMagic solutions play a central role in creating automated, advanced storage management processes to deal with the rapid workload growth.
Andreas Reimann, Finanz Informatik


Without the proper tooling, even the most experienced and knowledgeable IT professionals will not be able to effectively do their job. This holds even stronger for newer IT staff who have limited experience to base decisions on. Typically, SAN and z/OS mainframe professionals spend a lot of their time in fire-fighting mode, which hurts end-users as well as the IT professionals themselves. By providing your people with the right tooling to perform pro-active IT infrastructure management, service levels will be better, and your staff will be more in control. You will make the best use of your current deep experts and newer staff will be productive much earlier.


IntelliMagic software analyzes and interprets existing performance and configuration measurement data using embedded expert knowledge, and highlights what is most important to look at for large, complex datacenters. Finding the early risk indicators that are hidden in the data is impossible to do manually, even for a deep expert. There is too much data and not enough time. Furthermore, pro-actively analyzing all the data manually would be very tedious. You would need to consistently investigate all suspicious-looking metrics, but only a few of those problem hunts will uncover real issues – the proverbial needle in the haystack. But since some of those have serious consequences, you cannot afford to ignore any of them.

Having IntelliMagic software is like a thousand pairs of eyes doing this analysis for you.

Newer IT staff members also benefit greatly from the IntelliMagic solutions with their embedded knowledge base. The ratings on charts that indicate what is good and what is bad, the built-in recommendations, the pre-programmed drill down directions, and the contextual explanations of what the metrics mean are extremely valuable to enhance the knowledge of new staff and make them productive sooner. In addition, if you choose to use the IntelliMagic Software as a Service offering, IntelliMagic’s expert consultants will look at your data together with you. This is very effective at transferring knowledge and superior to learning theory in a classroom because the knowledge is provided in the context of a real world analysis of your own applications and infrastructure.

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