RMFPACK can be used to prepare SMF data on your mainframe for processing by IntelliMagic Vision. You need to use the process described in the IntelliMagic Vision MLC Data Collection Instructions Quick Start Guide, to collect SMF data for an IntelliMagic MLC study. After sorting the data, you can run RMFPACK to compress the RMF records, such that the resulting data set is much smaller (typically 15% of the original size). The output dataset is a standard binary file that can be downloaded to a PC as needed.

The RMFPACK.exe is a self-extracting executable package containing sample JCL to sort SMF records. The package contains JCL to run our proprietary compression product RMFPACK.The RMFPACK job will create compressed output data sets of records in specific groups from all your systems.

Note for CMF users: RMFPACK can be used with CMF data as well.