IntelliMagic Direction

IntelliMagic Direction

IntelliMagic Direction is a unique performance modeling product for disk storage systems that enables organizations to reduce time, money, and risk associated with storage system purchases and performance planning. 

IntelliMagic Direction provides in-depth knowledge of how your specific workloads will perform as a result of growth and/or hardware configuration scenarios. IntelliMagic Direction shows current and expected response times, component utilization levels, and throughput limits for your storage environment. 

IntelliMagic Direction supports a wide variety of storage platforms and offers many benefits and features.

Use IntelliMagic Direction to achieve the following benefits:

Hardware PlanningUse IntelliMagic Direction to determine the optimal configurations for your storage environment.
Migration PlanningUse IntelliMagic Direction to assess the impact of workload consolidations and migrations on your storage environment.
Performance PlanningUse IntelliMagic Direction to understand the effects of future workload or hardware changes on your storage environment.
Copy Services PlanningUse IntelliMagic Direction to evaluate bandwidth requirements and the impact of copy services on the performance of your storage environment


For more information download the IntelliMagic Direction brochure.