Sample Results

Sample Results

With IntelliMagic Direction you can easily assess the impact of workload or hardware changes and quickly generate dozens of charts for presentation of findings to management or technical audiences. The following samples represent just a few of the options available within IntelliMagic Direction for z/OS:

Evaluate Impact of Increased Workload

With IntelliMagic Direction you can accurately predict the I/O service times and utilizations for a new or existing configuration, based on either a description of your workload or measurements from an existing configuration. The following chart demonstrates the service time impact for a z/OS workload with storage on an HDS USP-V storage system. The workload was incrementally increased by 1,000 I/Os. 

direction uspv

Evaluate the Impact of Changing from RAID10 to RAID5

With IntelliMagic Direction you can decide if your workload will perform adequately on different RAID configurations such as RAID 5. The following graph depicts the impact of incrementally increasing the z/OS I/O workload by 1,000 I/Os/sec on an EMC VMAX storage system. The scenario is modeled using RAID5 and RAID10. For this particular workload the response time drastically increases when using RAID5 verus RAID10.

raid modeling