MLC Cost Reduction

Reduce IBM z Systems Monthly License Charges (MLC)

Software costs consistently make up the largest component of the budget for mainframe installations. IBM MLC costs are typically based on the peak MSU consumption. Tuning in key areas such as processor cache efficiency can reduce MSU consumption and thus IBM MLC software expenses.

IntelliMagic Vision helps with tuning your processor configuration to increase the MIPS you get out of your mainframe hardware. Through our MLC reduction assessment, which identifies MLC reduction opportunities in your mainframe at no-obligation to you, many sites have found likely 7-figure annual MLC reduction savings.

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The video below demonstrates the visibility we provide that facilitates our MLC analysis:


Significantly Reduce MIPS by Tuning Processor Cache Efficiency

Newer architectures like z13 and z14 rely upon efficient processor cache utilization to achieve MIPS ratings - this changes some long-held assumptions about how to manage the CPU. Oftentimes sites that have already optimized their site for MLC savings are still able to find significant savings through processor cache optimization.

IntelliMagic’s recent survey shows that 88% of sites have not yet optimized their processor cache utilization even though this optimization has in some cases led to a MIPS reduction of up to 30%.

Optimizing processor cache efficiency can dramatically reduce CPU consumption, particularly on z13 & z14 processors. See one users dramatic results optimizing processor cache below.

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