Manage zEDC Effectively

Manage zEDC Effectively

IBM's z Enterprise Data Compression (zEDC) has many benefits: it is relatively straightforward and inexpensive to implement, it can be leveraged by numerous widely used access methods and products, it reduces disk storage requirements and I/O elapsed times by delivering very good compression ratios, and the CPU cost is very minimal since almost all the processing is offloaded to the hardware.

If you are implementing zEDC, these cards represent a new component in your infrastructure that must be managed to ensure sufficient capacity and consistent performance.

Learn how IntelliMagic Vision's visibility can ensure the performance of your IBM zEDC.


Ensure Sufficient Capacity & Consistent Performance for IBM zEDC

IntelliMagic Vision provides the visibility you need to effectively manage zEDC (along with all the other critical aspects of your z/OS infrastructure).

In addition to card utilizations, IntelliMagic Vision provides a comprehensive set of reports including compression ratios, service and queue times, and request rates and throughput. And using the highly flexible drilldown capabilities of IntelliMagic Vision, this data can be viewed at the processor, system, card, or address space level. Some of these capabilities are demonstrated in our short video on zEDC Hardware Compression shown above.


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