z/OS Products Overview

Your z/OS mainframe environment is built for security, accountability, manageability and availability. Through RMF and SMF, z/OS offers a richer source of infrastructure measurement data than any other computing platform.  However, the potential to use this wealth of information to prevent service disruptions remains vastly underutilized. 

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)

Standard IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) tools can offer added value compared to classical SMF reporting by using statistical methods to detect anomalies. But this only flags statistical outliers; it lacks interpretation. IntelliMagic's intelligent ITOA solution goes far beyond classical reporting and standard analytics, because it uses intelligent interpretation to find true issues and their root causes, instead of just flagging statistical outliers that may be meaningless.

Embedded Expert Knowledge

IntelliMagic enhances existing operational measurement data and interprets the data using embedded expert knowledge about workloads and platform architectures. We have been building this knowledge over the course of decades. IntelliMagic's ITOA software shows risk indicators to allow you to prevent service disruptions from happening, and helps assess which new systems and configuration options are right for your environment.

IntelliMagic has two software offerings for z/OS environments:

IntelliMagic Vision is an intelligent z/OS ITOA solution that offers deep availability intelligence, with specific modules that support performance analysis of z/OS Systems, z/OS Disk, and z/OS Tape.

IntelliMagic Direction for z/OS Disk performs analytical modeling to assess the best storage system choices for your workloads.

IntelliMagic Vision 

The focus of IntelliMagic Vision is to find and flag infrastructure risks so that you can resolve the root causes before service disruptions occur. Avoiding availability issues is both easier and cheaper than dealing with actual problems. Naturally, IntelliMagic Vision also offers deep ITOA performance analysis and has an interactive user interface that greatly reduces the time required to investigate any performance problem that could not be predicted.

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS reads raw RMF/CMF and SMF measurement data and combines this with expert knowledge about workloads and internal hardware and software architecture.  This is very different from classic reporting or IT analytics tools that just show numbers in a graphical view without interpretation of whether a certain level is healthy or not. It is much more powerful than standard ITOA, because it does not use statistics without interpretation, but detects real hidden risks based on embedded hardware and architecture knowledge. 

Only with this type of intelligent interpretation can you trust the software to be proactively monitoring the health of your z/OS resources, without being clouded by alert storms.

The IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Disk module provides a deep continuous health assessment of every disk storage system in your data centers. Risks and problems are highlighted, and deep knowledge and visibility about the problem and the underlying bottlenecks and root cause is readily available. With IntelliMagic Vision you will experience a significant decrease in incidents because risks are flagged early, giving you time to resolve them before the issues occur. On top of that, you will also benefit from the much faster problem resolution if unexpected issues happen that could not be predicted.

The IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Systems module has support for z/OS processors and system infrastructure. With these modules your FICON directors, Host Channels, Coupling Facility, XCF, processors (CEC, LPAR, WLM goals, Paging) are also protected through IntelliMagic's deep analysis.

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Virtual Tape proactively identifies risks in your z/OS virtual tape environment and highlights potential issues even before they have fully developed. With its intelligent analysis and threshold-based exception reporting you can avoid tape performance problems, make wise tape hardware investments and optimize tape usage. 

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS can be licensed for in-house use, or it can be maintained and run by our experienced consultants as software-as-a-service, enhanced with customized consultancy where desired.

IntelliMagic Direction  

IntelliMagic Direction is a unique disk performance modeling product that models the effects of storage hardware or workload changes. This enables our customers to reduce time, money, and risk associated with storage system purchases and performance and capacity planning.

IntelliMagic Direction provides in-depth knowledge of how your specific workloads will perform as a result of growth and/or hardware configuration scenarios. IntelliMagic Direction shows current and expected response times, component utilization levels, and throughput limits for your storage environment. 

Most of our customers order IntelliMagic Direction as a service, where our deep experts perform the analysis.