Consulting Session

IntelliMagic has developed an "I/O Performance Assessment Consultation" which we can conduct with your staff over the phone and Internet at no charge. 

This is a valuable consulting session with a storage system performance expert that will provide you with a free analysis and a new view on your I/O performance data.  You can send your data in advance with an easy to run utility we provide. 

This consultation will typically take place within 1 to 2 weeks of IntelliMagic receiving your performance data. 

To secure a time for this consultation, please call our office in the US (Brent Phillips at 1-214-432-7920 x.704) or in the Netherlands (+31-71-579-6000), or contact us and we will advise you of time slots and provide you with a brief pre-consultation questionnaire that will prepare both you and IntelliMagic so that we get maximum value in the shortest amount of time.