Services Overview

At IntelliMagic, our focus is on creating the world's most intelligent software solutions to manage performance in order to protect availability. IntelliMagic experts can run these solutions for you or do custom professional services, such that you can realize the powerful benefits with little overhead.

Example service engagements include:

  • Software as a Service: IntelliMagic provides the infrastructure, installs and manages the software for the customer's benefit in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. There is also a GUI reporting client and web browser access included for the customer to generate detailed ad-hoc reporting at any time.
  • Storage Performance Analysis: IntelliMagic professional services will review the health and performance of as many storage systems in your z/OS environment as desired. At the conclusion of the analysis a detailed report containing our findings and recommendations will be provided.
  • Disaster Recovery Copy Services/Replication Bandwidth Sizing Study: IntelliMagic Professional Services will collect and analyze your performance data to determine the write MB for the volumes you want to replicate and provide detailed bandwidth sizing options taking into account write folder, compression, RPO, RTO, etc.
  • Storage Workload and Hardware Sizing Study: IntelliMagic professional services will work with you to determine the best configuration required for new storage hardware purchases based on either existing or new workloads. This type of service uses IntelliMagic Direction and is focused on supporting major hardware purchases. At the conclusion of the analysis, a detailed report containing our findings and recommendations will be provided.  
  • Consolidation and Migration Impact Study: In this study IntelliMagic professional services will provide an analysis of your existing storage environment and workloads and make recommendations on consolidating many storage systems into fewer storage systems using IntelliMagic Direction for z/OS
  • z/OS Storage Efficiency Analysis: IntelliMagic professional services can analyze how efficiently your storage systems are utilized in relationship to their capabilities and will provide detailed recommendations to optimize the efficiency. This type of analysis often leads to the ability to delay storage hardware purchases.