Easy z/OS Application Performance Testing from the Infrastructure Perspective



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The z/OS platform excels at efficiently executing transactions and is a critical component for many business applications. Yet application development teams rarely understand how application program changes impact the performance and cost efficiency of the underlying z/OS infrastructure.

Most organizations have at least a few vivid memories of where new versions of an application caused major service level delivery problems and/or unexpected z/OS infrastructure costs. These production problems happened despite existing DevOps test procedures for new application versions.

This session will examine the historical reasons why the performance and financial cost impact on the z/OS infrastructure has been difficult to test in DevOps organizations. We will also discuss an architecture and modernized methodology to utilize built-in (artificial) intelligence on the vast infrastructure performance and configuration data (RMF/SMF).

Understanding the performance signature of an application from the infrastructure perspective, and comparing the signature of each release to the previous enables you to spot problems before they move into production.

This modernized approach can significantly improve release quality as it relates to the z/OS infrastructure’s ability to efficiently deliver the service levels required by specific applications.



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