White Papers & Technical Notes for z/OS Environments

White Papers for z Systems

Managing z/OS Workload Manager (WLM) Goals and Performance

This white paper demonstrates how to efficiently monitor and manage z/OS Workload Manager (WLM) goals and performance using modern approaches.

Reporting on Coupling Facility Health and Performance

This white paper demonstrates how to effectively monitor the coupling facilities in your environment and automatically highlight any developing problems.


How to Use Processor Cache Optimization to Reduce z Systems Costs

Optimizing processor cache can significantly reduce CPU consumption for your workload on modern z Systems processors. This paper shows how you can identify areas for improvement.

Predictive Intelligence for z/OS Systems Infrastructure

Applying predictive intelligence to your z/OS Systems infrastructure analysis allows you to avoid costly disruptions, empower your IT staff, and optimize your environments.


5 Key Attributes of an Effective Solution to the z/OS Performance Skills Gap (IntelliMagic Insight)

An effective analytics solution that will expedite the acquisition of skills for z/OS performance analysts and capacity planners needs these five key attributes.

Reporting on the Processor Hardware with SMF 113 Records

This white paper helps you understand how to tune your processor caches by giving insight into what the caches and TLB do for your effective MIPS rate. A higher effective MIPS rate means more value for your processor money.


z/OS Real and Virtual Storage Management

We show how you can use SMF metrics to track real and virtual memory usage, and how you can have a much more efficient configuration if you use them to optimize your environment.


White Papers for z/OS Disk

IntelliMagic Vision in GDPS Environments (Technical Note)

This IntelliMagic Technical Note provides a brief overview of how IntelliMagic Vision complements IBM’s Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS) solution.

Get the Most Out of Dell EMC PAV Optimizer

IntelliMagic Vision provides reports that help you select the best candidates for the Dell EMC PAV Optimizer product, allowing you to implement it in phases, starting with the I/O operations with highest performance potential.


z/OS Storage Dashboards with IntelliMagic Vision

Discover how IntelliMagic Vision can effectively monitor the storage systems and their replication in your storage environment.

Planning and Monitoring IBM Global Mirror Configurations

Learn how to use IntelliMagic Vision to either plan or monitor a z/OS Global Mirror configuration.


zHyperlink: The Holy Grail of Mainframe I/O?

With the z14 processor, IBM introduced zHyperLink™, a new way to connect processors and storage. This white paper will discuss IBM’s positioning of the new zHyperLink technology, and provides some considerations for installations that consider to deploy it.

Evaluating I/O Versus CPU Performance Optimization

With the methodology outlined in this paper, learn how to more accurately predict end-to-end performance improvements by using faster CPUs or DASD. This information is vital when considering business tradeoffs between CPU and storage upgrades.


A Better Way to Buy, Implement, and Manage the Performance of Disk Storage

Improperly sized hardware often leads to emergency purchases of storage hardware being done soon after a migration. It is invaluable to develop specific performance requirements based on modeling that can be included in the RFP.

Planning and Monitoring EMC SRDF/A Configurations

See how to plan or monitor activity and bandwidth for EMC’s Symmetrix Remote Data Facility/Asynchronous (SRDF/A). This paper details guidelines on how the bandwidth can be best configured depending on your workload characteristics and the recovery point objectives.


IntelliMagic Vision Support for Hitachi VSP G1000 SMF Records from Mainframe Analytics Recorder

This white paper provides new insight into the health of the storage systems using the SMF records created by the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 (VSP G1000) Analytics Recorder.


White Papers for z/OS Virtual Tape

Oracle VSM Performance Analysis

This paper addresses correlating the virtual tape hardware metrics with the SMF tape workload data to get a clear picture of how the virtual tape hardware is handling the tape workloads and the replication between virtual tape hardware boxes.

Using IntelliMagic Vision for TS7700 Performance Analysis

IntelliMagic Vision for TS7700 automatically compares the hardware views (via BVIR data) with the workload metrics, providing you with insight into how the standalone or gridded hardware is handling the work and replication between boxes.


Availability Intelligence White Papers

Flash Performance in High-End Storage

This paper analyzes the performance of Flash and SSDs when deployed in high-end storage, using RMF measurements from production systems and shows that the native latencies of around 0.1 ms for enterprise SSDs and Flash are not realistic expectations for actual back-end response times in a storage system.

How to Use the Applications View (Technical Note)

IntelliMagic Vision comes with a rich default set to recognize major applications and consumers like DB2, IMS, CICS, MQ and VSAM RLS, and provides insight in what keeps your mainframe busy. The concept also allows you to add your own site-specific rules to create reports that match the way you run your business.


White papers that are applicable to SAN environments can be found here.