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    Monitor z/OS Real and Virtual Storage with IntelliMagic Vision

    Sufficient real and virtual storage provide the essential foundation for the proper functioning of the entire z/OS systems environment. Despite all the advances in z/OS and subsystems over the years, virtual storage below the 16 Mbyte line can still become constrained and cause abends or even an unplanned outage. And delivering high levels of performance and efficiency on today’s z/OS systems typically assumes minimal if any paging from disk, and (for Db2 environments) effective use of large 1 Mbyte (and possibly 2Gbyte) frames. IntelliMagic Vision provides the visibility to effectively manage your real and virtual storage configurations and to identify potential risks before they impact LPAR availability.

    IntelliMagic Vision provides GUI-based, interactive reports with dynamic navigation and context-sensitive drilldowns to facilitate rapid and focused access for z/OS systems analysis.

    With IntelliMagic Vision, you will be able to:

    • Proactively assess key aspects of virtual storage health including CSA & ECSA utilization and maximum size of private area below 16M
    • Quickly detect paging on any system from a single view and easy drill downs to identify the address space(s) being impacted
    • Have easy visibility into LFAREA and other large frame metrics for fixed and pageable 1M pages
    • Leverage an intuitive interface to enable analysis far more effective than possible from tabular reports
    • Visually identify changes, compare data across time intervals, customize reports to consolidate metrics to identify potential correlations

    IntelliMagic Vision offers you the out-of-the-box visibility and seamless navigation to manage every component of your z Systems infrastructure under a single solution, promoting collaboration across teams and expediting the ability for newer staff members to get up to speed.

    Analyze the Impact of Paging

    Paging problems seriously impact performance as the latency required to retrieve pages from Storage is measured in milliseconds as opposed to nanoseconds for main storage retrieval. IntelliMagic Vision monitors whether there are any paging problems or errors that should be addressed.

    These reports should always be completely green (healthy). Key metrics include: UIC, paging, and space on the page data sets.




    Performance Overview-CPU-Paging-Service Class-multichart


    Workload Level Details for Paging

    When paging occurs, at least two things need to be investigated:

    • which workloads suffer from paging
    • which workloads use most of the storage

    IntelliMagic Vision multi-charts visualize these two key items in the investigation, along with providing other valuable context and showing CP, zIIP, and zAAP usage, as well as the I/O activity.


    Reduce MIPS with Better Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) Effectiveness

    Increased use of Large pages improves CPU efficiency. IntelliMagic Vision reports on the relevant statistics for TLB usage and TLB related delays and assesses whether they indicate a healthy situation or not by computing a ‘rating’ that is green, yellow, or red.

    This example indicates a ‘healthy’ situation (with a green frame), where the MIPS Cost of TLB mechanism is about 3.2% of the processor capacity. Many other SMF 113 related reports are also available.


    Processor-Hardware-TLB Miss- Estimated TLB1 CPU Miss % of Total CPU


    Real Storage-LFAREA and 1 MB Pageable


    LFAREA Management

    IntelliMagic Vision provides comprehensive reporting to ensure installations are meeting the application demands for LFAREA. The usage of large 1Mbyte and 2Gbyte pages will continue to grow as Db2 and other key subsystems and applications leverage more memory to improve performance.


    Watch the Fixed Storage Below the Line

    The storage constraints ‘below the line’ (24-bit or 16MB), and ‘below the bar’ (31 bit or 2 Gbyte) are still important since certain z/OS functions are still using 24 bit, or 31 bit addressable storage. Systems that fix many frames below the line typically see a higher than average page movement rate (SMF71PMV), generating system overhead. IntelliMagic Vision automatically assesses fixed usage and helps you proactively mitigate unnecessary overhead. The rated metrics are based upon best practices, which in this case, keeping fixed storage less than 2 Mbytes.


    Real Storage-Used-Frames Maximum Total Fixed Central Storage Frame below 16MB line


    System Change Detection


    z/OS System Anomaly Detection

    IntelliMagic Vision’s Artificial Intelligence-based anomaly detection automatically assesses hundreds of key usage metrics for significant changes. Even though central storage may be adequately provisioned, the automated statistical analysis of key storage metrics can identify unexpected demand so that appropriate actions can be taken to mitigate application problems before all applications are affected.


    Secure and Flexible Deployment and Monitoring

    In the Cloud

    Cloud based deployment can be accessed from everywhere in the world and is easy to share with colleagues

    Services & Support

    Take advantage of IntelliMagic's experienced performance experts for standalone custom services or daily monitoring

    On Premise

    Install the software on premise and use it offline for total control of your installation

    zSystems Performance Management

    Optimize z/OS Mainframe Systems Management with Availability Intelligence


    Optimize z/OS Systems performance management using AI-driven analytics to proactively monitor and manage your z/OS environment, prevent disruptions, reduce costs, and preserve the reliability and availability that mainframes are known for.
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    Db2 Performance Management

    Prevent Availability Risks and Optimize Db2 Performance


    The volume and complexity of Db2 Statistics data and Db2 Accounting data creates a major challenge for analysts who want to derive value from the rich metrics available.
    Easy visibility into key Db2 metrics through SMF records is crucial to proactively prevent availability risks and to effectively manage and optimize performance.
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    CICS Performance Management

    Monitor and Profile CICS Transactions and Regions with IntelliMagic Vision


    CICS SMF Transaction data is a rich source of performance insights, but its volume can make analysis challenging using traditional approaches that rely on static reports. Proactive assessment of key Statistics metrics across all regions is essential to identify potential risks to availability.
    IntelliMagic Vision enables performance analysts to manage and optimize their z/OS CICS transactions more effectively and efficiently, as well as proactively assess the health of their CICS regions.
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    Virtual Tape Performance Management

    Proactively Manage Virtual and Physical Tape Environments


    With tape virtualization, tape storage became easier and more economical, but at the same time, more difficult to understand which changes or hardware upgrades are the best choices. With tape libraries being shared across multiple z/OS images, the full picture can only be obtained by aggregating workload and tape hardware information from all z/OS LPARs.
    IntelliMagic Vision enables performance analysts to manage and optimize their z/OS Virtual Tape environments more effectively and efficiently.
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    Disk & Replication Performance Management

    Automatically Detect Disk Performance Risks & Quickly Resolve Issues


    As Disk speeds and throughputs have increased, z/OS applications have come to rely on fast and consistent storage performance. To respond quickly to unexpected disk and replication issues, it is essential that you have insight into the health of the various components in your storage environment.
    IntelliMagic Vision enables performance analysts to manage and optimize their z/OS Disk and Replication environment more effectively and efficiently.
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    MQ Performance Management

    Optimize and Analyze MQ Activity and Performance


    MQ is widely used across z/OS environments, but sites often find it challenging to derive the valuable performance insights potentially available from MQ SMF Statistics and Accounting data due to limitations in existing reporting and available tooling.
    IntelliMagic Vision enables performance analysts to manage and optimize their z/OS MQ configurations and activity more effectively and efficiently, as well as proactively assess the health of their queue managers.
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    z/OS Network Performance Management

    Automatically Monitor Mainframe Network Security and Protect Your Data


    TCP/IP is the core of the communication for the z/OS mainframe, both for traffic into and out of the mainframe and internal communication among z/OS images and processor complexes. Proper management is necessary to secure and protect system availability.
    IntelliMagic Vision automatically generates GUI-based, interactive, IBM best-practice compliant rated reports that proactively identify areas that indicate potential upcoming risk to TCP/IP health, performance, and security.
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    z/OS Connect: Modern Mainframe API Environment

    Optimizing Mainframe API Monitoring for Improved Resource Management


    IntelliMagic Vision enhances mainframe API monitoring and profiling, providing crucial visibility to address issues at the API or service level, ultimately aiding performance analysts in better resource planning and management reporting.
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