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Past Performance Tips from Our Experts

Since a catalog cannot span volumes or exceed 123 extents, it is important to at least allow it to grow beyond the old 4G limit by defining it as Extended Format and Extended Addressability. If you haven’t done these things (EF/EA), it would be a good idea to do so before it trips you up.
John Baker | Senior z/OS Consultant, IntelliMagic
Most outsourcing contracts are very vague and can be interpreted in many ways (e.g. maintain current SLAs). A well written and well managed contract can provide great benefit to both the outsourcer and the client.
Cheryl Watson | Founder, Watson & Walker
Processor cache operates far more effectively at lower utilization levels. In my specific experience, operating at percent utilizations in the 30’s instead of the upper 80’s reduced MSU consumption by 30% (13,000 MIPS!)
Todd Havekost | Senior z/OS Consultant, IntelliMagic
Compressing data may be a good way to gain back capacity, but there can be hidden performance problems if compressible workloads are not first identified. Visualizing these workloads is key to determining when and where to successfully use compression… Otherwise, you may be trading a capacity issue for a performance problem.
Brett Allison | VP of Operations, IntelliMagic