Where Are All The Performance Analysts? – A Mainframe Roundtable [#47]

Business executives and businesses themselves often focus on ‘improving efficiency,’ however, they often overlook the importance of having an efficient team managing the performance of their business applications. i.e. their mainframe performance and capacity analysts.

In this mainframe roundtable discussion, we have brought together industry experts from across the board to discuss this critical issue.


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June 15

11am ET | 10am CT


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MQ: How to Extract Insights and Optimize Performance using SMF data [#48]

Despite the fact that MQ is widely used across today’s z/OS environments and its SMF data offers rich potential insights for its management and operation, sites often report challenges realizing the potential value of this data.

This webinar will introduce you to best practices for enhancing your analysis of MQ Statistics (SMF 115) and Accounting (116) data.


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July 27

2pm ET  |  1pm CT


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Metro Global Mirror (MGM) Monitoring in GDPS Sites [#49]

IBM’s Metro Global Mirror was designed to run on its own regardless of how far in time the data at the remote site is compared to the primary site. GDPS automation provides a Global Mirror monitor to track remote replication activity, but the customer is responsible for providing enough hardware infrastructure to meet business requirements for data recency at the remote site in case of a disaster causing site failover.

In this webinar, Joe Hyde will provide practical advice about monitoring the recovery point objective (RPO) and factors affecting RPO.


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August 24

2pm ET | 1pm CT


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