Best Practices in CICS Performance Analysis (Transactions and Statistics) [zAcademy #41]

Date: December 14
Time: 2 PM ET  |  1 PM CT

CICS produces extensive SMF metrics that offer rich potential insights for its management and operation. But sites often face significant barriers to realizing the potential value of this data.

This webinar will introduce you to several best practices for enhancing your analysis of CICS Transaction (SMF 110.1) and CICS Statistics (110.2) data, including:

  • Approaches to analyzing the 100 or so transaction timing buckets that facilitate effective response time analysis
  • Visibility into levels of detail within CICS regions provided by the Statistics data including by storage area, TCB pool and mode, TCLASS, and enqueue names
  • Using dynamic navigation and drill down capabilities to enable focusing on the desired subset of data
  • Leveraging automated assessments of key metrics to proactively direct your attention to potential risks to CICS region availability and performance

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Ways to Achieve Mainframe Cost Savings [zAcademy #42]

Date: January 25
Time: 2 PM ET  |  1 PM CT

Most mainframe sites are regularly on the lookout for potential ways to reduce expenses. The adoption by many sites of TFP-based software license models where all CPU is chargeable has made this an even higher priority.

This webinar is designed to expand your awareness of ways sites have reduced CPU and expenses so that you can identify ones potentially applicable in your environment. Opportunities explored will include those applicable to individual address spaces or jobs as well as others with the potential to provide benefits broadly applicable across the infrastructure.

Attendees can expect to learn from successes realized in other sites that will expand the “menu” of cost savings ideas they can explore.

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