How Mainframe Performance Teams are Solving Their Skills Gap Challenges [zAcademy #44]

Date: March 23
Time: 2 PM ET  |  1 PM CT

There are few mainframe teams who don’t have experienced personnel closing in on (or already surpassing) retirement age. These tenured staff members are often the last line of defense supporting legacy home-grown reporting tooling. Yet staff shortages and demanding workloads combine to minimize the success rate of skills transfer initiatives, however well-intentioned.

Without the ability to retain experts to maintain in-house tooling and to interpret the increasingly complex metrics, the likelihood of avoidable service disruptions and their related business impacts increases significantly.

Attendees of this webinar can expect to learn proven strategies being leveraged by companies to optimize mainframe availability and performance.

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Translating Application Performance Data into Business Outcomes on z/OS [zAcademy #45]

Date: April 27
Time: 2 PM ET  |  1 PM CT

In a world where applications are at the forefront, it can be difficult to know which applications are critical to your business and how to protect them. The z/OS system manages a large number of applications, some of which are vital to the success of your business.

Performance analysts need to understand both the business and operational aspects of all applications to ensure z/OS manages them optimally.

In this webinar, we’ll explore practical steps for identifying and prioritizing your business-critical applications, and how to protect and report on their performance. We’ll cover key considerations, such as CPU and DASD performance, defining service classes, and spotting relevant changes in the midst of overwhelming data.

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A Performance Analysts’ Guide to Mainframe zERT Analysis [zAcademy #46]

Date: May 23
Time: 2 PM ET  |  1 PM CT

The mainframe is one of the most secure computing platforms in the world – offering best-of-class encryption on top of its blistering performance capabilities. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to manage your network encryption carefully.

Join this webinar to learn strategies for:

  • Identifying and addressing any encryption gaps you may currently have
  • Providing compliance-required reporting for security auditing
  • Improving collaboration with Integrated reporting on multiple SMF record types
  • Measuring the CPU impact of alternative encryption methods

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