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Imagine How Much You Can Learn Exploring Db2 Statistics Data

Date:  July 20, 2021
Time:  10am ET  |  9am  CT

Db2 produces extensive SMF metrics that can provide great insights into how the many facets of your Db2 environment are operating.

Attend this session and find out how much you can learn through exploring Db2 Statistics (SMF 100) data, along with other types of SMF data that shed light on Db2 operation and performance. Our learning journey will include:

  • Leveraging automated assessments of key metrics to proactively direct your attention to potential risks to availability and performance
  • Exploring the extensive buffer pool metrics provided by Db2, and leveraging them to inform buffer pool tuning activities
  • Introducing the many types of metrics provided in the Statistics data
  • Identifying important Db2 operational insights that can be derived from integration with other types of data

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Imagine How Much You Can Learn Exploring Db2 Accounting Data

Date:  August 17, 2021
Time:  10am ET  |  9am  CT

In this second session on gaining insights from the Db2 SMF data series, we take a deep dive into the Db2 Accounting (SMF 101) data.

Our learning journey will include:

  • Examining the differing profiles of work generated by the various callers of Db2 services (“connection type”), including CPU and SQL activity, suspend events, and elapsed time profiles
  • Exploring the visibility provided by “correlation ID” into the specific drivers of Db2 activity (e.g., by CICS transaction, batch job, etc.)
  • How focusing analysis of DDF work by “authorization ID” can help manage a challenging workload
  • Introducing important Db2 operational insights from integration with other data types, including CICS transaction (SMF 110.1) data

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