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Analyst Webinar: The Business Value of Smarter Enterprise Storage Analytics

Date:  November 3, 2021
Time:  1pm ET  |  12pm  CT

This joint Evaluator Group and IntelliMagic webinar will be led by Senior Strategist and Analyst Randy Kerns.

This session will discuss the business value of resiliency and optimization by deploying more intelligence and automation for Enterprise Storage operations.

IT requirements and solution capabilities that address the requirements will be covered. The benefits of advanced storage-hardware-specific analytics as a service will also be shown.

This webinar is targeted at managers responsible for the continuous delivery of storage service levels from large, multi-vendor on-premise enterprise storage infrastructures.

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MQ Statistics and Accounting Data: How to Extract Insights and Optimize Configurations

Date: November 10, 2021
Time:  10am ET  |  9am  CT

MQ Statistics and Accounting SMF data provides extremely useful insights into MQ management and operation. Unfortunately, extracting those insights from the SMF 115 and SMF 116 record types is challenging – and raw data pulls lack context or accessibility.

With proper access to the insights derived from this data, analysts can optimize their z/OS MQ configurations and activity more effectively and efficiently and have better visibility and control over their environment. This webinar demonstrates how to overcome these common challenges and offers a guide to analysts responsible for and working with MQ environments.

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CPU Reporting and Tuning in a TFP Environment

Date:  December 7, 2021
Time:  10am ET  |  9am  CT

IBM’s introduction and active promotion of the Software Consumption (SC) solution within Tailored Fit Pricing (TFP) brings with it a fundamental change in how sites will approach managing and reducing software expense.

And if your site has not yet adopted the SC model, the visibility and tuning opportunities covered in this session can be especially beneficial for you. Ultimately your SC pricing will be determined by a baseline of your software expense for the 12 months prior to entering the contract. There is a perpetual benefit to reducing that baseline.

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