Oh Where Performance Will Take You: A Mainframe Roundtable [zAcademy #51]

Date: October 26
Time: 2 PM ET  |  1 PM CT

What does the journey of a performance analyst look like? How does one start? How do you finish?

Mainframe performance keeps the world running – meet some of the performance experts helping ensure that happens, and explore their journey.

We’ll cover some traditional and non-traditional paths into the performance world, what educational resources never go out of style, and much more!

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From Taped Walls to Your PC: z/OS Configuration Made Simple [zAcademy #52]

Date: November 15
Time: 11 AM ET  |  10 AM CT

To keep up with the needs and demands of z/OS performance analysts, a new method of interpreting and interacting with the LPAR and FICON topologies is necessary.

In this webinar, we will explore one such method that combines numerous different data sources from z/OS and displays the data in an understandable, succinct, and interactive visual form. We will explore how these views help us solve problems, improve efficiency, and ensure desired data replication requirements are being implemented.

During the webinar, we will discuss and demonstrate using both LPAR and FICON Topology views for various uses:

LPAR Topology:

  •  optimizing processor and cache usage
  •  verify and change processor configurations (and reduce costs)

FICON Topology:

  •  identify configuration errors
  •  ensure that the infrastructure is configured correctly
  •  reveal undesirable infrastructure changes

Sysplex / System / Subsystem Topology

  • Identify physical and logical relationships between sysplexes, CECs, systems, and subsystems (CICS, Db2, MQ)
  • Identify which CICS regions interact with which Db2 data sharing groups & members and which MQ queue managers
  • Benefits extend across infrastructure and application teams

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Gaining Insights from Db2 Statistics and Accounting Data

Date: November 21
Time: 11:30 AM ET  |  10:30 AM CT

Db2 produces extensive SMF metrics that can provide great insights into how the many facets of your Db2 environment are operating. This session will explore many examples of how Db2 Statistics (SMF 100) and Accounting (SMF 101) data can be leveraged to enhance performance and availability, including:

  •  Leveraging automated assessments of key metrics to proactively direct your attention to potential risks to availability and performance
  •  Exploring the extensive buffer pool metrics provided by Db2, and leveraging them to inform buffer pool tuning activities
  •  Overview of the many types of other metrics provided in the Statistics data
  •  Examining the differing profiles of work generated by the various callers of Db2 services (“Connection Type”), including CPU and SQL activity, suspend events, and elapsed time profiles
  •  Exploring the visibility provided by Correlation ID into the specific drivers of Db2 activity (e.g., by CICS transaction, batch job, etc.)
  •  How focusing analysis of DDF work by Authorization ID can help manage what is often a challenging workload
  •  Drilling into metrics at the plan (and package) levels to navigate through the typically massive volumes of accounting data and quickly focus analysis on the desired subset of data
  •  Introducing important Db2 operational insights that can be derived from integration with other SMF data types, including CICS transaction (SMF 110.1) data

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