Upcoming Webinars

IntelliMagic hosts many industry leading webinars every year. Register for our upcoming webinars:

Customer Experiences Saving MSUs Through CPC Optimization

Time & Date: September 19th  |  12pm Central
Length: 1 hour
Presenters: Frank Kyne, President, Watson and Walker, and Todd Havekost, Sr. Performance Consultant, IntelliMagic

Abstract: Join this co-hosted webinar between Watson and Walker and IntelliMagic, to learn about key cost optimization opportunities available. Reports continue to emerge of z/OS customers optimizing their CPC configurations to deliver improved performance and reduced software costs.

This webinar will use real world experiences to illustrate the relationship between processor cache, available MIPS, and software costs. Benefit from the experiences of Watson & Walker’s and IntelliMagic’s customers to learn multiple ways to achieve RNI (Relative Nest Intensity) Nirvana.


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When (& When Not) to use Machine Learning for RMF/SMF Performance Analysis

Time & Date: October 2nd  |  12pm Central
Length: 1 hour

This webinar is designed to help you evaluate various Artificial Intelligence-based design approaches to enable the machine to derive better performance and availability intelligence on behalf of the human analysts. Everyone who registers will receive a link to the video recording and webinar slides.

Abstract:  This complex and voluminous (but critically important!) z/OS data source contains the best infrastructure operations metrics in the data center and is a strategic advantage to the platform and your organization if we better utilize it with the power of the machine. There is a lot of AI and Machine Learning language being used everywhere, and it can be difficult to distinguish which approaches are really going to provide the biggest impact in the different pain points and business needs that exist. 


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Gain Insight Into z/OS Network Security Usage and WebSphere Transactions

Time & Date: October 29th  |  12pm Central
Length: 1 hour

Join this webinar to learn how to derive more intelligence from zERT and WebSphere SMF data. Everyone who registers will receive a link to the video recording and webinar slides.

Abstract: Network encryption is a hot z/OS topic because of the importance of security in the mainframe world. This webinar will discuss and demonstrate how to use the power of the machine to derive insight into IBM’s new data for network encryption, z Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT).

For WebSphere and MQ, healthy operation is likewise mission-critical. All these components produce robust SMF metrics about their operation that are extremely valuable for IT security and operations teams but are underutilized with status quo reporting today. IntelliMagic Vision provides new visualizations and analytics to let you quickly and efficiently check their health and workload.


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Upcoming Events

IntelliMagic attends several industry events in the US and Europe every year. You can visit our booth and attend our presentations at the following events:

IBM Systems Technical University | October 7 - 11

IntelliMagic is a Silver Sponsor for IBM Systems Technical University, Las Vegas, October 7 – 11.

IBM TechU features skill-building sessions that are in demand and appeal to attendees who share a technical vision and curiosity. IBM TechU offers technical breakout sessions, roundtables, demos, and more.

Registration for the event (early bird rate) and hotel is now open


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IDUG EMEA Rotterdam | October 20 - 24

IntelliMagic is a Bronze Sponsor for IDUG EMEA Rotterdam, October 20 – 24.

You can discuss with our experts at booth #5 about how to more effectively and efficiently manage and optimize your z/OS Db2 environment. Also, our Db2 expert Jeff Berger wil host a session on how to manage Db2 Data Sharing environments.

Registration for the event (early bird rate) and hotel is now open


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GSE UK | November 5 - 7

IntelliMagic is a Silver Sponsor for GSE UK, November 5 to 7.

In addition to John Baker’s session, he will be at the booth to speak with you and your colleagues about any challenges you may be having in your infrastructure performance.

Check the agenda and register in the near future here:


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Past Events & Webinars

IntelliMagic attended many industry events and hosted many webinars in the past. You can read recaps, watch event presentations and replay webinars of almost all of them: