Cloud Based Software as a Service

Using IntelliMagic Vision in the Cloud under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model is the most convenient and effective way to obtain the benefi­ts of IntelliMagic Vision.

IntelliMagic Vision as a service is run and managed by IntelliMagic experts in a world-class data center. All your users collaborate in the same environment using a modern web interface that delivers hundreds of health insights and exception reports, with thousands of predefined charts and an unlimited number of customizable dashboards that can be shared across your teams.



Fast Implementation by Our Staff

IntelliMagic experts set up the Cloud environment, automate the processing of your securely transferred measurement data, and create customized dashboards and reports according to your requirements.

Upon accessing the SaaS environment through a web browser, your users have immediate access to the full scope and power of IntelliMagic Vision. Thanks to the built-in intelligence and AI-derived analytics, IntelliMagic Vision immediately identifies potential performance and availability risks in your environment and provides unprecedented visibility into your z/OS mainframe or SAN infrastructure. Additional analysis may be performed by our experts regularly or on-demand, based on your wishes.

Low-Risk Commitment

Our SaaS offering is available on a month-to-month or annual basis under a subscription model, removing the need of making a capital expense for a perpetual license.

Immediate Access to Latest Features

A new version of IntelliMagic Vision is released monthly that incorporates additional intelligence and new features. For some organizations, installing a new version of an on-premise product takes a lot of time and effort. When using IntelliMagic Vision as a SaaS solution, your users will immediately benefit from the most current version without any overhead as soon as the latest releases become available.

Full Access to World-Class Expertise

IntelliMagic’s consultants are among the world’s deepest experts in z/OS and storage infrastructure performance. The experience our staff has gained at large data centers around the world is uniquely positioned to add more value to your team. Many types of add-on professional services are available for our SaaS offering, ranging from daily or weekly Managed Collaborative Services to support your team, to monthly proactive infrastructure reviews, ad-hoc problem investigations, or for special projects such as evaluating potential new mainframe or storage hardware configurations.

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