Monitor Virtual Tape Performance & Availability with IntelliMagic Vision

IntelliMagic Vision enables performance analysts to manage and optimize their z/OS Virtual Tape environments more effectively and efficiently.

Prevent risks, save time, and optimally configure your environment.



Proactively Manage Virtual and Physical Tape Environments

With tape virtualization, tape storage became easier and more economical, but at the same time, more difficult to understand which changes or hardware upgrades are the best choices. With tape libraries being shared across multiple z/OS images, the full picture can only be obtained by aggregating workload and tape hardware information from all z/OS LPARs.

IntelliMagic Vision automatically generates GUI-based, interactive, rated reports that proactively identify areas that indicate potential upcoming risk to Virtual Tape health and performance.

With IntelliMagic Vision you can:

  • avoid tape performance outages
  • make wise tape hardware investments
  • optimize tape usage

IntelliMagic Vision can be used in z/OS tape environments with virtual tape libraries – including disk-only virtual tape – and with traditional physical tape libraries, and offers out-of-the-box visibility and seamless navigation to manage every component of your z/OS infrastructure under a single solution.

Monitor all cache flows in a TS7700 cluster


Monitor All Cache Flows in a TS7700 Cluster

Cache bandwidth in a TS7700 is one of the most important keys for performance. If the cache bandwidth is exhausted, that may impact job runtimes but also the RPO for disaster recovery locations.

IntelliMagic Vision provides insights into which activities are consuming this resource over time. This information gives the input for tuning measurements, e.g. changes to premigration behavior or deferred copy parameters.


Recovery Point Objective Monitoring – Replication Backlog

A lot of customers have a third datacenter in a remote location today. Due to performance reasons the data in this location is usually not synchronously replicated. So it is essential to understand how much data is not replicated at a certain point in time.

The chart below shows the so-called replication backlog, which means the amount of data not yet replicated.


Replication backlog - data that needs to be copied


Average Deferred Queue Age


RPO Monitoring – Average Deferred Queue Age

The second question the customer worries about is how many minutes or hours the replication of the data is behind data creation. IntelliMagic Vision give answer to this question as well.

The waiting time until the copies are processed is too long is evaluated. This triggers an exception warning to indicate that this should be investigated.


Local Replication Times

Other replication types can also be measured. Depending on the technology used, this can be different. The following example shows the measurement of the synchronous replication times in a VSM environment.


Virtual Tape Performance Average Sync Replication Time


Migration Backlog - data that needs to be migrated


Controlling the Limits

In an IBM TS7700 licenses for cache enablement, host throughput increments and premigration queue length exist. To understand if these limits are reached, different metrics needs to be monitored.

This example shows the migration backlog which shows how much data is waiting in the premigration queue and may trigger throttling.


Host View of Tape Usage

The virtual tape information (e.g. BVIR for the TS7700 family or SMF User record from Oracle HSC) provides information from the hardware view. That means there is no information on which applications use the tape environment and to what extent. The Host view provides this information by application, so the number of mounts, read/write throughput, compression and much more information can be seen.

IntelliMagic Vision provides the ability to see the most common applications “out of the box,” but also the possibility to customize this for user needs. This example shows the Host throughput.


Virtual Tape performance Host view of tape usage


Supported Tape Systems

IntelliMagic Vision supports native and virtual z/OS attached tape from many different vendors:

  • IBM TS7770, IBM TS7760, IBM TS7740, IBM TS7720
  • EMC DLm
  • Oracle StorageTek VSM
  • IBM VTF Mainframe
  • Oracle StorageTek Physical Tape Solutions
  • Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape Solutions

All major tape management software catalogs are supported: CA1, RMM, TLMS, Control-T, and Zara.

The virtual tape library statistics are supported for all models of  IBM TS7700 family using BVIR activity records and for Oracle StorageTek virtual tape. For EMC DLm and IBM VTF Mainframe support for the native SMF data is available.

Flexible Deployment and Monitoring

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