NetApp FAS arrays provide excellent means for provisioning storage for your CIFS, NFS, iSCSI and FCP clients. IntelliMagic Vision provides a single pane of glass for monitoring the health of your entire SAN / NAS infrastructure including NetApp storage systems. IntelliMagic Vision supports all models in the FAS2200, FAS3100, FAS3200, and FAS6200 series and others.

Uncover Hidden Risks

IntelliMagic’s unique approach provides high-level dashboards to allow you to see if there are any performance constraints within your NetApp infrastructure and leverages built-in configuration correlation to allow you to quickly drill down to the root cause.

IntelliMagic Vision gives insight, among others, in the following aspects of your NetApp infrastructure:

  • Front-end performance health via the physical resources, such as the front-end ports and processors
  • Front-end performance health via the logical resources, such as the FlexVols, their associated Aggregates and the protocols that are used to connect to and through them.
  • Detailed performance view of the back-end resources from the Aggregates to their associated Plexes and RAID Groups.
  • Easy monitoring of applications using groups of Flexvols or LUNs to determine their performance and capacity demands.

Screenshot of SAN NetApp FAS Disk Storage System Dashboard
Screenshot of one of the NetApp FAS Disk Storage System Dashboards from IntelliMagic Vision, showing average processor utilization and disk busy issues

Drill Down to Root Cause

The ability to quickly traverse the configuration in a performance context is unique to IntelliMagic Vision and allows you to quickly identify potential issues and get down to root cause without waiting for vendor analysis of your data.

NetApp Performance Overview Video

This 3-minute video shows how to see the workload distribution and performance across all of your NetApp systems.

Technical Information on IntelliMagic Vision for SAN

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