Monitor Disk & Replication Performance with IntelliMagic Vision

IntelliMagic Vision enables performance analysts to manage and optimize their z/OS Disk and Replication environment more effectively and efficiently.

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Automatically Detect DASD Performance Risks & Quickly Resolve Issues

As DASD speeds and throughputs have increased, z/OS applications have come to rely on fast and consistent storage performance. To respond quickly to unexpected disk and replication issues, it is essential that you have insight into the health of the various components in your storage environment. Although RMF offers extensive performance measurements for your DASD, it is very difficult to proactively use this data without the intelligence provided by IntelliMagic Vision.

IntelliMagic Vision provides continuous assessment of the health of your disk and replication systems. Thus, if there is an incremental degradation in any aspect of your system, you will be able to address it before it causes any business impact. This will reduce risk and save you time and money.

Of course, not all problems occur gradually. If there is a sudden change caused by a hardware failure, or a change in resource utilization or workload pattern, IntelliMagic will help you rapidly zoom in on what happened. Instead of wasting precious time searching for the cause, you can move directly to a solution.

Health insights and exception reports alert you to any aspects of your storage systems that need attention. Hundreds of metrics are automatically assessed for each time interval, and they are highlighted if they are not within acceptable bounds.

In this example, we have a mixture of IBM and HDS storage systems. We see alerts for one HDS system for excessive disconnect queueing and delays and alerts on two IBM systems for throughput higher than recommended by best practices.

IntelliMagic Vision also provides recommendations on what actions to take depending on what a specific alert is encountered.


Daily Health Insights

Daily zOS Disk Health Reports


Time Charts for Deeper Insight

 DASD Time Charts for Deeper Insight


From the exception reports it is a simple matter to drill down to see a detailed time chart of the metric that has been flagged.

This helps you narrow down the time frame when the behavior occurred and correlate this to any application impacts that may have resulted.


Comparison charts are very useful for determining when a particular behavior began and if this is a one-time anomaly or part of an ongoing trend.

In this example, we compare the Disconnect Queuing and delays to an earlier period, and it is easy to see that this is a new behavior. Any further investigation may be limited to the time frame that has been established.


Comparison Charts and Change Detection

Disk Comparison Charts and Change Detection


Use Cases

Asynchronous Copy Services

Sizing and analysis capabilities for the Asynchronous copy services

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Map Logical to Physical

Get full transparency to physical resources supporting the logical entities, such that root causes are easily found.

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Parallel Access Volumes (PAV)

Get recommendations for both HyperPAV and Dynamic PAV configurations.

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Drill Down to Specific Volumes, Datasets, or Address Spaces

 Drill Down to Specific zOS Disk Volumes, Datasets or Address Spaces


From a time chart, there are many drill downs available to see the metric at a more detailed level of granularity.

Here the drill down has too many active volumes. We can see that all the affected volumes are Db2. Thus, it is likely that any application impact may be Db2 related.


The need for continuous availability has made replication a critical aspect of disk storage. Monitoring the health of your data replication is key to meeting both business and regulatory requirements. IntelliMagic Vision tracks key metrics for both Synchronous and Asynchronous replication methods.

For example, with Asynchronous replication, it is important that your remote data does not fall too far behind your production site. The chart to the right illustrates how IntelliMagic Vision can show you your RPO and diagnose when your replication is struggling to keep up.


Track Key Metrics for Synchronous and Asynchronous Replication

Track Key Metrics for Synchronous and Asynchronous Replication


Trend Analysis for your Key I/O Measurements

Trend Analysis for your Key IO Measurements


It is difficult to do proper long-term planning without data to inform you of where things stand and where your operations are heading. IntelliMagic Vision provides you with numerous trending charts that help you get a handle on this.

The example to the left shows how the overall I/O Rate and I/O Response Time have been trending over the last year. In this case there has been a modest increase in I/O Rate and a decrease in response time. This can be very helpful when deciding if a storage hardware upgrade is necessary or may be deferred.


Flexible Deployment and Monitoring

On Premise

Install the software on premise and use it offline

In the Cloud

The Cloud based deployment can be accessed from everywhere in the world and is easy to share with colleagues,

Add On Services

Get help with the deployment and the management of the software

Areas Supported by IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS

Systems, Processors, & MLC

Systems, Processors, & MLC

Continual visibility into how the z/OS systems infrastructure is handling your workloads helps you improve performance and protect availability.
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Db2, CICS, WebSphere, TCP/IP, & MQ

Db2, CICS, WebSphere, TCP/IP, & MQ

Unprecedented visibility into the extensive metrics provided by critical z/OS subsystems to enhance availability and analyze performance.
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Disk, Tape, & Virtual Tape

Disk, Tape, & Virtual Tape

Industry-leading visibility and expertise to analyze and proactively identify potential I/O issues in your disk and virtual tape and replication architectures.
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