One of the trickier problems facing storage administrators is managing asynchronous replication such as IBM Global Mirror. With asynchronous replication, the disaster recovery site is by nature somewhat behind the primary. This is acceptable but if things fall too far behind, the mirror could be suspended which may be considered an outage.

This video will show you how you can assess the status of Global Mirror replication in a Globally Disbursed Parallel Sysplex environment. Data about the Global Mirror sessions is recorded in SMF type 105 records. By observing patterns and using drill downs, the root cause (Global Mirror RPO Issues) was identified and could be resolved.



Interactive FICON Topology Viewer Spotlights Configuration Errors

June 26, 2023 | IntelliMagic Vision's FICON Topology Viewer helps analysts identify configuration errors, ensure that the infrastructure is configured correctly, and reveal undesirable infrastructure changes.

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How an Unexpected Drop in Response Time Led to a Quick Permanent Replication Improvement

Learn how a recent unexpected drop in asynchronous response time led to the discovery that one of the network links used for asynchronous replication went down and a permanent performance improvement.

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Metro Global Mirror (MGM) Monitoring in GDPS Sites | IntelliMagic zAcademy

This webinar will will provide practical advice about monitoring the recovery point objective (RPO) and factors affecting RPO.

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