Multi-Vendor SAN Performance, Capacity and Configuration Monitoring

    Monitor the performance, capacity & configuration of your multi-vendor SAN infrastructure in a single view.

    Reduce your costs and mean time to resolution, and safely get the most value out of your SAN infrastructure with built-in architecture specific intelligence and statistical anomaly detection.


    End-to-End Visibility with Built-In Predictive Warnings and Advanced Statistical Analysis

    Stop jumping around between multiple tools and manually correlating data from different devices when trying to diagnose performance or configuration issues.

    Leverage domain specific artificial intelligence to improve IT operations in the areas of storage infrastructure performance, capacity, and configuration management.

    IntelliMagic Vision provides highly refined and interpreted information about your storage infrastructure to help prevent performance outages, resolve performance issues, optimize your storage infrastructure, and elevate storage infrastructure visibility.


    See our latest webinar led by Evaluator Group Senior Analyst, Randy Kerns focusing on the business value of resiliency and optimization by deploying more intelligence and automation for Enterprise Storage operations.


    Automated Health Insights


    Proactive Health Insights

    Automated Health Insights leverage hardware-specific AIOps functions to identify and prevent the most common storage and fabric performance and capacity issues.

    Health Insights include time, multiple metrics, multiple components, and AI-rated metrics in a single view to provide preventive focused insights. In this case, this system is showing throughput constraints, front-end response time, front-end read response time and port read response time issues, indicating serious performance risk.


    Advanced Statistical Analysis and Anomaly Detection

    Advanced statistical functions provide performance and capacity anomaly detection. This allows you to not only see what has changed, but also determine the magnitude and significance of that change.

    IntelliMagic Vision’s Change Detection functions automatically identify significant workload changes in your Storage, Host (Cluster), Virtual Machine and Switch port environment so that you can investigate anomalies before they impact shared resources in the environment.


    Advanced Statistical Analysis for SAN Performance


    Advanced SAN Capacity Forecasting


    Accurate Capacity Forecasting

    Capacity forecasting leverages AIOps functions to understand future storage capacity requirements and prevent capacity constraints.

    IntelliMagic tracks key capacity metrics over time and calculates the consumption rate over time to provide a comprehensive view of the capacity growth and free space expiration at a storage system and storage pool level.

    The number of days until running out of space can be leveraged to purchase more storage for the impacted storage system.


    Demo Our Advanced Statistical Analysis

    See for yourself why leading companies are saying “I don’t know how to live without IntelliMagic Vision.” Whether you’re evaluating competitive solutions or trying to solve a problem, we’re happy to help you move forward with your IT initiatives.

    Configuration Analytics

    Constructed topology views compares actual topology to best practices to identify orphaned ports, orphaned volumes, asymmetrical connectivity, single paths for ESX host and masking views, data issues and others.

    Configuration analytics visually constructs all of the hosts connected through the fibre channel fabric from the VMware guest to the back-end storage LUN and its associated disk drives and offers interactive drill downs and descriptions to easily learn and investigate.


    end to end configuration topology viewer


    SaaS Cloud SAN Monitor


    AIOps via SaaS Delivery

    Leverage IntelliMagic Vision via secure SaaS cloud delivery to quickly gain the benefits of AIOPs for your storage infrastructure with minimal cost, commitment, and effort, and maximum benefits.

    Seamlessly and securely share custom reports, dashboards, and links to increase real-time collaboration and elevate team impact.


    Use Cases

    Screenshot of the VMware Topology Viewer in IntelliMagic Vision showing the Volume to Virtual Machine Path.
    IntelliMagic Vision collects performance and configuration information on the VMware, fabric and storage systems to provide a complete end-to-end picture. This includes a visualization of the infrastructure topology which is integrated with the reports and charts.
    Topology Viewer
    When issues with SAN performance do occur, IntelliMagic Vision makes it easy to find the root cause without having to depend on the storage or switch vendor. By using the drill-down options on the charts that show an issue, you can resolve problems quickly and independently.
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    IntelliMagic Vision knows whether a certain value indicates a problem and rates the metrics accordingly. These ratings are summarized in a color-coded dashboard that shows risks and issues as red and yellow warnings. Also, hidden imbalances or mistakes in the configuration, such as ports that are not connected, are immediately obvious. By detecting these risks before they turn into availability incidents, time can be spent on strategic infrastructure management instead of on fighting fires.
    Dashboards and Ratings
    Often the SAN is seen as a 'black box', but IntelliMagic Vision makes it possible to look inside. Internal bottlenecks and imbalances are simply not visible just by looking at straight-forward measurement data, or with host-based metrics. IntelliMagic Vision contains models of the internals of enterprise and midrange SAN storage systems and SAN switches. This is used to intelligently analyze which measurements indicate hidden issues that are otherwise impossible to see.
    Supported Hardware

    Comprehensive Monitoring for Your SAN Performance, Capacity, and Configuration

    IBM Spectrum Virtualize, SVC

    Performance Management for IBM Spectrum Virtualize, SVC and Storwize

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    End-to-End VMware

    Breakthrough integration of VMware performance and configuration data

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    SAN Fabric/Fibre

    Unified SAN Fabric Performance Management

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    Pure FlashArrays

    Pure FlashArray Performance Management

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    Hitachi Storage

    Hitachi Enterprise Storage Performance (VSP, G-Series, F-Series, HUSVM)

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    HPE 3PAR

    Performance Management for HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage

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    Supported Hardware

    IntelliMagic Vision collects measurement data from the storage arrays and SAN switches and supports the following platforms, attached to any host type such as Linux, Unix, AIX, Windows, VMware, etc.

    Supported Data Sources

    IntelliMagic Vision uses various API’s and native CLI commands to collect data from the storage arrays and switches.

    Secure and Flexible Deployment and Monitoring

    In the Cloud

    The Cloud based deployment can be accessed from everywhere in the world and is easy to share with colleagues

    Services & Support

    Take advantage of IntelliMagic's experienced performance experts for standalone custom services or daily monitoring

    On Premise

    Install the software on premise and use it offline for total control of your installation

    Customer Experiences

    Réal Campeau
    Storage Network Administrator at Metro
    IntelliMagic Vision for a Healthy SAN Environment at Metro Inc.
    IntelliMagic Vision fulfills all our expectations and more."
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    Bob Venable
    Manager of Enterprise Systems for Large Health Insurer
    IntelliMagic Vision gives Healthy Storage to Large Health Care Insurer
    IntelliMagic Vision gives us far more insight into the performance health of our storage environment than we have had in the past."
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    Thomas Ehmke
    Server & Storage Systems team leader at Schaeffler
    Proactive Management of Schaeffler’s Storage Performance with IntelliMagic Vision
    IntelliMagic Vision proactively and centrally monitors storage performance and SLAs competently and reliably."
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    Clint Oyler
    Senior Systems Engineer at Regional Health
    Monument Health Protects Storage Performance with IntelliMagic Vision
    The ability to proactively identify potential issues and use that information to drill down and discover root causes is the greatest benefit of this product."
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    Maurice Lambour
    Senior Technical Specialist at PharmaPartners
    Storage Reliability with IntelliMagic Vision for PharmaPartners
    IntelliMagic Vision helps us gain and maintain insight into what exactly goes on inside our storage and FC layer."
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    Marc LeBlanc
    Storage Administrator at Medavie Blue Cross
    Medavie Blue Cross Proactively Ensures Availability of HPE 3PAR and Brocade Fabric
    IntelliMagic has been crucial to avoiding performance and configuration issues in our SAN infrastructure."
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    Gary Monroe
    Lead Systems Administrator at SpartanNash
    Spartan Nash Delivers Innovation and Improved Customer Focus Using IntelliMagic Vision
    IntelliMagic's support is among the best in the business. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an excellent performance monitor."
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