IntelliMagic Vision for SAN uses SMI-S and native CLI tools to collect data from the storage arrays and switches.

SMI-S is a vendor neutral management standard implemented by all major enterprise storage manufacturers. IntelliMagic Vision contains a Data Collector component that collects the raw performance measurement counters that are maintained by the arrays and switches.

The following picture demonstrates a high level flow of the supported data sources into IntelliMagic Vision:

High level flow of the supported data sources into IntelliMagic Vision demo

Data Collection

IntelliMagic Vision for SAN uses SMI-S (also know as CIM) and native CLI commands to get the raw performance counters directly from the storage arrays and switches. It then aligns, enhances and interprets these raw measurements and puts the rated metrics in the database for automatic dashboard creation and interactive reporting.

SMI-S is a common, standards-based management interface that permits third party applications the ability to configure and manage a storage array.  Using the “provider” (the actual software library), a management application (SMI-S Client) doesn’t require knowledge of the specific architecture or infrastructure requirements of the particular storage platform.

The IntelliMagic Data Collector communicates with the array and collects performance and configuration data.

Data Collection through SMI-SThe following picture demonstrates the logical flow for collecting SMI-S data using an EMC storage environment as an example:

  1. The SMI-S client sends management requests to the CIM server.  In an EMC environment the CIM Server and the SMI-S provider components are both included in the EMC SMI-S Provider 4.1.
  2. The CIM Server receives these management requests from the client and communicates with the SMI-S provider.
  3. In turn the provider communicates with the storage device using native commands.  The provider translates the CIM-XML protocol originating from the CIM Client/CIM Server into commands understood by the storage platform.
  4. Upon the completion of a command,
  5. a confirmation message is returned to the provider,
  6. then to the server,
  7. and finally to the client.

For more information on SMI-S please see

Automated Processing

IntelliMagic Vision for SAN can be automated to run fully unattended. The script can be scheduled through the Windows Scheduled Tasks function and will automatically generate and publish a standard set of dashboard and charts of choice. The reports can be published on your intranet in HTML format or emailed to a distribution list.

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