IntelliMagic’s world-class experts provide third-party analysis and recommendations to amplify the impact of your team for maximum cost reduction, risk reduction, and performance optimization.

Cost Reduction and z/OS Optimization Services

  • CPU and MLC Assessment & Optimization: An independent analysis and recommendation of CPU optimization opportunities and optimal pricing options.
  • z/OS Mainframe Hardware Configuration and Optimization Services (z16 and Other): Analysis and recommendations into how a z16 upgrade may impact overall cost, utilization, efficiency, and application performance.
  • Storage Acquisition and Competitive Options Study: Third-party evaluation of hardware proposals from vendors and your existing storage hardware configuration and performance data to reduce risk of purchasing the wrong hardware configuration.
  • Cross-System Coupling Facility (XCF) Optimization: Tune and optimize your XCF configuration to optimize performance, reduce MIPS, and save money.
  • Db2 Tuning and Optimization: Proactive identification of upcoming risks to your Db2 performance and recommendations on optimal tuning and configuration.
  • Workload Management Optimization: Tune and optimize your WLM policies to reflect modern infrastructure and ensure optimal resiliency.


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z/OS Performance Analysis and Availability Risk Assessment Services

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  • z/OS Health Assessment: Examination of all z/OS production systems, storage, replication, TCP/IP, MQ, Db2 and CICS statistics to identify risks and opportunities in the infrastructure.
  • TCP/IP Encryption Compliance Analysis: Show exactly what z/OS IP traffic is currently encrypted and compare this with policy or industry standards.
  • Data Replication Assessment: Third-party review of the effectiveness and efficiency of your current or proposed replication solution.
  • Virtual Tape Health Assurance Analysis: A comprehensive health assessment of your virtual tape solution with recommendations to address any issues or risks that are identified.
  • WebSphere Application Server Assessment: A detailed report of the performance and resource usage of WebSphere transactions, including the workload variances and infrastructure issues.
  • Application Performance Testing from Infrastructure Perspective: Comparison of the performance of the infrastructure prior to and after application changes are made. Reduction of the risk of incurring higher costs or unexpected performance impacts.
  • Peak Period Readiness Assessment: Assessment to determine whether all the elements within the z/OS infrastructure are able to adequately manage peak periods.


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SAN Infrastructure Services

  • VMware End-To-End Performance Analysis: A complete end-to-end picture and impartial third-party evaluation of the VMware environment. Identification of existing and potential risks to performance and resilience, and opportunities to reclaim unused resources.
  • Fabric Health Assessment: Identification of existing configuration anomalies and potential risks to performance and resilience in the production Brocade and Cisco switches and opportunities to reclaim unused resources such as unused zones and ports.
  • Storage System Health Assessment: Identification of problem areas on SAN storage arrays, including performance issues and configuration anomalies. An impartial third-party assessment of storage health prior to a move or an upgrade, and an evaluation afterwards.
  • Performance Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting performance issues involving a server, application, or SAN hardware components such as disk storage systems and switches.
  • Configuration and Capacity Review: Impartial assessment of the configuration and capacity status, including any issues found, and suggested remediation steps. Preparation for upgrading key components, workload migration, or workload addition.


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