Monitor Infinidat Performance

Uncover hidden risks and potential bottlenecks inside your Infinidat environment before they can impact production.

IntelliMagic Vision provides a single pane of glass for monitoring the health of your entire SAN / NAS infrastructure including Infinidat storage systems.

Key Features

IntelliMagic Vision provides a unified view of performance, capacity and configuration for different architectures and vendors as well as in-depth architecture specific visibility for each supported platform. Our support for Infinidat InfiniBox platforms was developed in cooperation with Infinidat  engineering to ensure the accuracy of our predictive analytics.

Dynamic thresholds

Dynamic thresholds identify when the system workload is nearing the throughput limits based on the read/write mixture and the number of active ports.

The variable thresholds in the background of the charts indicate that the expected capabilities of the storage systems and their expected response times change dynamically based upon the actual workload.

End-to-end latency

End-to-end latency from the host to the storage system with drill-downs from the storage system to the hosts and their volumes help analysts understand the latency between the hosts and the storage arrays.

Rating performance

The performance of the storage ports are rated based on the amount of time spent at the ports so that you can observe if congestion exists on the front-end host ports and adjust accordingly.

High ratings (indicated by red borders) indicate active risk to performance, medium ratings (indicated by yellow borders) indicate potential upcoming risks to the environment, and low ratings (indicated by green borders) indicate a healthy environment.

Balance analysis

Balance analysis identifies imbalances on the front-end ports that are critical for managing the efficient scalability of the Infinidat InfiniBox. This allows you to manage and modify imbalances before they limit your throughput capacity.

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Technical Information on IntelliMagic Vision for SAN

IntelliMagic Vision provides a unified view for different architectures and vendors as well as in-depth architecture specific visibility for each supported platform.   INFINIDAT InfiniBox is a great product with a large and growing customer base and we are excited to partner with them to serve the needs of the market.