Monitor Infinidat InfiniBox Performance with IntelliMagic Vision

    Monitor and manage the performance of your Infinidat InfinBox systems in a single view with the rest of your multi-vendor SAN system.

    Reduce your costs and mean time to resolution, and take advantage of Infinidat-specific intelligence and views built in cooperation with Infinidat engineering.



    Proactive Performance & Capacity Monitoring for your Infinidat Storage Systems

    Managing performance for Infinidat Infinibox requires full visibility from the host initiator to the Infinibox back-end disk. External factors such as SAN fabric and host configuration can be contributing factors to poor performance as well.

    IntelliMagic Vision’s built-in artificial intelligence allows you to proactively uncover risks and bottlenecks within your Infinidat Infinibox system and address them before they impact production.

    Quickly find answers to questions such as:

    • How well balanced are my critical components, such as front-end adapters, front-end ports, andstorage pools?
    • How is my Infinidat Infiniboxes performing based on the key performance metrics?
    • Which hosts are the heaviest hitters and which volume(s) are they using?
    • Is host connectivity to my Infiniboxes configured in accordance with best practices?
    • How soon will I run out of space based on the burn rate over a specified time period?
    • How is the performance of our SAN fabric affecting that of our Infiniboxes?

    Proactive Health Insights

    Built-in, automated health insights leverage domain-specific AIOps to prevent storage and fabric performance and capacity issues in your Infinidat storage system.

    Health insights include time, multiple metrics, multiple components, and AI-rated metrics in a single view to provide preventive focused insights.


    Proactive Health Insights Infinidat


    Identify Infinidat Storage System Imbalances


    Identify Storage System Imbalances

    IntelliMagic Vision automatically performs balance analysis on critical components such as storage pools, volumes, nodes, front-end adapters, and ports that are critical for both performance and availability of your Infinidat Infiniboxes.

    Spotting imbalances before they become critical can allow you to address them before they impact data access.


    Identify Anomalous Behavior with Automated Change Detection

    Knowing when key performance metrics change can allow you to proactively address anomalous behavior before it creates or contributes to an issue and shorten mean time to resolution when an issue occurs.

    IntelliMagic Vision uses advanced statistical analysis to not only highlight changes in performance metrics, but also shows you the magnitude of those changes.


    Infinidat Change Detection


    Infinidat Capacity Forecasting


    Accurate Capacity Forecasting

    IntelliMagic Vision leverages domain agnostic AIOps to understand future storage capacity requirements and prevent capacity constraints.

    Key capacity metrics are tracked over time and their consumption rates are calculated to provide a comprehensive view of both physical and virtual capacity growth and free space expiration at system and pool levels.

    The number of days until running out of space can be leveraged to purchase more storage for the impacted system.


    End-To-End Topology and Performance

    IntelliMagic Vision’s topology charts show you the connectivity from the host to its block storage with drilldowns that show performance at each point along the path.

    Configuration anomaly reports show hosts with asymmetric connectivity patterns that present risk to both performance and resiliency.


    Infinidat Topology and Performance


    Secure and Flexible Deployment and Monitoring

    In the Cloud

    Cloud based deployment can be accessed from everywhere in the world and is easy to share with colleagues

    Services & Support

    Take advantage of IntelliMagic's experienced performance experts for standalone custom services or daily monitoring

    On Premise

    Install the software on premise and use it offline for total control of your installation

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    Technical Information on IntelliMagic Vision for SAN

    IntelliMagic Vision provides a unified view for different architectures and vendors as well as in-depth architecture specific visibility for each supported platform. Infinidat InfiniBox is a great product with a large and growing customer base and we are excited to partner with them to serve the needs of the market.


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