IntelliMagic’s IT Operation Analytics solutions manage the performance and availability of critical IT resources such as z/OS, enterprise storage, and SAN infrastructure.

    Our products perform intelligent analysis of performance and configuration data using embedded expert knowledge about hardware architecture and throughput capabilities in order to protect availability. This is what we call Availability Intelligence.

    This modernized, intelligent interpretation detects risks before issues impact production, uncovers true root causes, and identifies optimization opportunities. Ultimately this enables IT staff to deliver a higher level of application service reliability at optimal cost.

    IntelliMagic was founded in 2002 and has since grown to deliver its solutions to Fortune 500 companies, some of the world’s largest IT datacenters, as well as storage hardware vendors. IntelliMagic employs technical staff with deep expertise in the world of performance analysis and capacity modeling. The interaction with our customers keep us at the forefront of knowledge regarding infrastructure performance and availability.

    Mission and Values

    • Mission

      Our goal is to let customers reduce availability risk and increase service levels to the applications, while at the same time decreasing the cost level. IntelliMagic uncovers hidden infrastructure availability risks by applying platform-specific knowledge to performance measurement data. We believe time should be spent on preventing issues instead of on fire-fighting, and that hardware configurations do not need to be oversized in order to assure continuous availability.

      Performance analysis and capacity planning for enterprise storage and infrastructure are based on vast quantities of data. IntelliMagic’s products perform the entire path of collecting and filtering raw measurement data, intelligently analyzing to reveal the hidden meaning of the metrics, and presenting the results in daily dashboards and detailed graphs. This allows users to spend their time preventing problems rather than fighting fires.

      Our advanced algorithms supply deep knowledge to the user, without requiring them to become an expert themselves in the mathematics of performance management and modeling.

    • Values

      IntelliMagic takes pride in providing the industry’s most advanced and reliable software and services for enterprise storage and infrastructure performance analysis and availability assurance.

      IntelliMagic products use intelligent data interpretation in combination with an effective, flexible and intuitive user interface. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction, so responsiveness to customer questions and a customer-first mentality are very important to us.

      Expertise, technological agility, and mathematical precision are the qualities we pursue in our company and products.

      We strive towards long-term relationships with our employees, customers, and suppliers.

    The Name

    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic – Arthur C. Clarke, 20th Century Science Fiction writer.

    It is with this adage in mind that the name IntelliMagic came to life. IntelliMagic’s products use embedded expert knowledge to create intelligence out of raw data. The way millions of raw metrics are turned into valuable results requires deep intelligence, but feels like magic.

    If you would like to find out more about IntelliMagic, feel free to contact us.

    The lighthouse has always been a symbol of visibility into hidden risks

    Decades ago, IntelliMagic co-founder Gilbert Houtekamer took the iconic lighthouse photo that is used throughout the IntelliMagic website. For centuries, the lighthouse provided visibility and guidance to sailors navigating near uncertain shores. Similarly, our customers benefit from the visibility that IntelliMagic solutions offer when navigating the hidden performance, capacity and configuration issues that pose risks to the availability of their application infrastructure.

    The lighthouse now only serves as a nostalgic memory, thanks to the technological advancements in navigation techniques, but it remains a strong symbol of visibility into hidden risks.


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    Events: User Groups, Conferences, and Webinars

    IntelliMagic attends several industry events and hosts many webinars in the US and Europe every year.
    Here you can find everything about our events and webinars


    IntelliMagic is a steadily growing company and regularly has career opportunities in the Netherlands and the United States.

    Career opportunities with IntelliMagic in the US

    Take your first step toward joining a diverse and inspiring global team that is growing. As a leader in availability intelligence, IntelliMagic encourages employees to showcase their talents and seize exciting opportunities to make a difference.

    Career opportunities with IntelliMagic in the Netherlands

    We are always looking for talented individuals to join us. Find out more about IntelliMagic or read what our employees have to say. Most of these pages are in Dutch; a fluency in Dutch and English, residency in the Netherlands and willingness to commute or move to Leiden are absolute requirements for all Dutch jobs. If you are not fluent in Dutch yet, you should be eager to improve through an intensive course, so that you can become fluent.

    Take a look in our Leiden office by watching this video:

    Community Involvement

    IntelliMagic is official sponsor of First Chess Team of LSG

    Update – May 2019

    Congratulations to LSG IntelliMagic for winning the Dutch Chess Premier League for the second time in a row! After the pre-final round they were already three match points ahead off the competition, so the prolongation of the national champion title was certain then. The party for the championship could be planned well in advance on the evening of the ninth and final round on May 11th. LSG IntelliMagic is close-knit team with 10 base players and 2 substitutes. They were able to prolong their championship title through solid and reliable team play.

    In 2018 LSG IntelliMagic won the Dutch Chess Premier League for the first time. With still one round to go they were already the new national champion after defeating MUConsult Apeldoorn in the pre-final round. They remained undefeated that whole season.

    In 2017 they became best sports team of the year in the city of Leiden and reached the 2nd place in the Dutch Chess Premier League. In the battle for the European Chess Club Cup they became 5th then.

    Chess and software development

    In chess, the best results are achieved when science, intelligence and art come together to produce something beautiful. IntelliMagic believes quality software is developed in a strikingly similar manner.

    Science is the most important ingredient. IntelliMagic employees typically have academic backgrounds in mathematics, electrical engineering, physics, computer science or other technical disciplines. As in chess, thorough subject matter expertise is the basis of everything that IntelliMagic does.

    Intelligence is a crucial element for translating theory into practice. Applied intelligence is needed to visualize the future and anticipate setbacks. Identifying opportunities and risks is very important in chess and is also integral to the everyday work of IntelliMagic.

    When complexity becomes increasingly large, calculations alone may be insufficient and must be supported by a more abstract art: intuition, almost indistinguishable from magic.

    Sponsoring Leiden Chess Society

    With all this in mind, IntelliMagic has entered into a multi-year sponsorship agreement with the Leiden Chess Society (Leidsch Schaakgenootschap or LSG). LSG is the oldest chess club in Leiden, the home town of IntelliMagic headquarters in the Netherlands. The city of Leiden has been an important haven for both science and chess for hundreds of years. Many famous chess Grandmasters were born in Leiden, and the city has always attracted numerous titled players from other countries because of its rich chess culture.

    The first team of LSG is led and trained by the famous Bosnian-Dutch Grandmaster Predrag Nikolic, who has been national champion of Yugoslavia as well as the Netherlands. The team plays in the top Dutch chess league, the Master league. As a result of this sponsorship, the first team will now be playing under the name “LSG IntelliMagic”.

    This sponsorship will also enable LSG to attract young and talented chess players who come to Leiden to study or work. Conversely, this sponsorship enhances IntelliMagic’s reputation as an inspiring employer in the heart of Leiden – a place where intelligent University graduates may find a challenging career.

    For a Dutch version, click here.